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As far as Nintendo Switch news goes, Emily Rogers has been on the money more often than not and today she’s been divulging some Super Mario Switch news.

Now before we get into just exactly what Rogers has been saying about the game, don’t go expecting this is another of those articles we’ve seen going around lately that overhype everything Rogers says and turn some of it into Chinese whispers. Instead this is going to be a toned down version that reports exactly what she says and the full contents of what was said. So with that out of the way, here is everything Rogers said on Twitter today regarding Super Mario Switch.


Firstly she said she wouldn’t be surprised if the 3D Mario game does end up being a launch title for the Nintendo Switch, instead of Breath of the Wild, before replying with:

 And then this:

Now with regards to the game being practically finished, it does makes a lot of sense as Nintendo did say there were working on another 3D Mario game for the Wii U, after Super Mario 3D World released. More than enough time has passed for the big N to put a lot of work into the game and decide to make it a Switch title instead, but then again Nintendo did also say the put of the Switch reveal that was planned for September, due to Super Mario Switch not running smoothly, so this does throw a bit of doubt on Roger’s claim, but it could have easily been bugs misbehaving, which Nintendo are taking care off.


Continuing on, when asked about getting more info on the 3D title during the Nintendo Switch Presentation, in January by a fellow Twitter user, Rogers answered it is “extremely likely” that we will get more info on it during the reveal. As for whether the game is more like Sunshine and Galaxy, or Super Mario World in terms of level section, Rogers answered with this:

While 3D World didn’t really have that much in the way of exploration, Galaxy did and while there is no proof of this, we only have to look back on what Miyamoto said about the upcoming Mario game during E3 earlier this year, to remind ourselves that they’re making this a Mario game like none we’ve seen before. Plus given the scope, the scale and direction they’ve taken The Legend of Zelda and Pokémon in, of course the Super Mario series will receive the same treatment.


However despite her credibility, until officially confirmed/revealed, this is all just rumours and speculation. What you choose to make of it is up to you to decide.


Source: Emily Rogers (Twitter)

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