Level-5 Are Keen to Develop for the Nintendo Switch!

Yesterday we covered Hajime Tabata’s interest in the Nintendo Switch, and now we going to cover Akihiro Hino’s.

During an interview with Vandal, Level-5’s CEO revealed that although the company that has supported Nintendo platforms rather steadily these last few years, are keen to develop for the Nintendo Switch, but instead of trying to get a game or two ready to release alongside the Nintendo Switch 2017 release, they’d much rather learn how to take advantage of the new console:


“We plan to make games for Nintendo Switch, but I think it’s very important to find out the best way to get the most out of the console. For that reason, we won’t have any titles at launch, but we’ll work with it as soon as we figure out how to take advantage of it.”


For anyone wanting to read up on what else was said, as long as you’ve ben brushing up on your Spanish, you shouldn’t have a problem, just make sure to click on the link below: 



Source: Vandal via Nintendo Everything


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