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How odd, usually I tend to get the regular DLC celebratory SpotPass gift for Hyrule Warriors Legends, around the same time I’m able to log into the eShop, download the new update and then download the actual DLC, but there’s no update, no dlc just yet but already I’ve got the SpotPass gift.

Just like last time, this gift comes with one hell of a payday, as not only do we get another assortment of 20 Delicious edibles, but we’ve also been given another 1 million rupees. Having not spent the last payday, I’ve got over 2 million waiting to be put to use, just as soon as I am able to add Yuga and Ravio to my team and I can’t wait! The final dlc is almost here. Yes it is the end to the journey of add-on-content, but it’s been a hell of a ride and I just hope Hyrule Warriors doesn’t end up getting ported to the Nintendo Switch. I’ve already gone out of my way to 100% complete both Hyrule Warriors & Legends. I don’t need to go through it all again, or do I? Anyhow, here’s the Fairy Food you can expect to acquire today:


Delicious Stamina Fruit x5

Delicious Water Fruit x5

Delicious All-Purpose Bait x5

and Delicious Carrots x5


If for some reason you’ve fired up your 3DS and you don’t get the notification for the new gift and have your settings set to receive it, don’t panic, it just means the gift is still on its way to you so you should try again in an hour or two. As for what to do with them once they’re in your possession, well that’s up to you.

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