Could Dark Souls be Coming to Nintendo Switch?

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Although the Nintendo Switch has now been revealed, there’s still a lot of mysteries surrounding Nintendo’s upcoming console. For example, we know that Nintendo is trying to rectify their third-party troubles, which have been a thorn in Nintendo’s side for too long now. Yet we still don’t really know what games ┬áto expect from them.

There is one prospect that’s really peaked my interest with this new third-party prospect, however… The possibility of Dark Souls, or a Souls-like game by From Software, appearing on Nintendo Switch.

This previously seemed like an impossibility, but let’s take a look at Nintendo’s official list of third-parties who are developing for the Switch.

Nintendo Third-parties

Better yet, here’s how that same image looks through my eyes.

From Software

That’s right, From Software is developing for the Nintendo Switch. And my mind is going crazy with possibilities.

Now, a worst case scenario is that From Software’s involvement may have nothing to do with the Souls games. But they’re a great developer nonetheless, so it wouldn’t be too bad.

But what if this is an indicator of From Software bringing the Souls series to Nintendo’s newest platform? The most obvious possibility would be a port of Dark Souls 3 which, frankly, I wouldn’t mind, because it’s an utterly amazing game. Though a collection of all three Dark Souls titles doesn’t seem impossible.

Either of those options would be very much appreciated. Personally speaking, I think the Souls series is the best modern gaming franchise, so for it to finally appear on a Nintendo console in any capacity is incredible. Plus all the Nintendo players who missed out on Dark Souls in the past have can finally experience this terrific series.

Now, here’s where I go into my own wish fulfillment, but what if From Software were to develop a brand new Souls-style game exclusive for the Switch, much like they did with Blood Borne on the PS4?

Yes, this is a bit of a stretch, but it could also be exactly the kind of third-party support Nintendo needs. Nintendo managed to make Bayonetta an exclusive property, what if they were able to do something similar with From Software?

Again, a Dark Souls 3 port or a Dark Souls collection are more realistic options, and even if that’s the case, that’s some exquisite third-party support right there. But seeing as Dark Souls is available on other hardware, it wouldn’t exactly drive those who already own them on said hardware to jump ship (though for me personally, Dark Souls is Dark Souls, and I’ll take it!).

The possibilities that could emerge from a Nintendo exclusive Souls-like game are quite intriguing. Would it be a brand new IP? Or could From Software dabble into an established Nintendo franchise and give it a Souls makeover? All I know is, if it were to end up as good as any of the other Souls titles, it would be every bit as much of a reason to buy a Switch as Mario or Zelda.

There are still so many questions as to what the Switch has in store. Hopefully we’ll start getting some answers sooner rather than later. And if those answers include the Souls series and Super Mario appearing on the same console, then it would be a dream come true.

For now, it’s only a dream.

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