Well we might not have been able to get anything out of Charles Martinet, regarding Runner3 when we interviewed him yesterday, but the guys over at Choice Provisions have provided us with some news!

The guys said they were going to provide constant updates through-out the development for Runner3 and they have not failed to live up to that promise and in their latest post, they speak out on the direction of the game and talk about a new mechanic they’re bringing to the game, “controlled events.” Here a few of the paragraphs from the new post: (For the rest of the post, click here!)

Where Are We Going With This Whole Runner3 Thing?! EVERYWHERE!”

“BIT.TRIP RUNNER was fairly linear, point A to Point B. Runner2’s evolution saw this same linearity, but we had more ups and downs, along with splitting pathways and alternate exits. Runner3 will see a whole new world, with ups, downs, lefts and rights, split paths, and of course forwards!!!” – Mike Roush of Choice Provisions

“We are also adding a mechanic that we are calling “controlled events.” A controlled event is basically what you see in the image. CommanderVideo will now be in control of various vehicles, animals or whatever weird things our minds can dredge up from our frothy mucus filled mind tubes.” – Mike Roush of Choice Provisions

To make sure you stay up to date on every bit of news the Choice Provision guys put out, the link below is one you’ll want to save as it will take you directly to the game’s dev log:


Source: Runner3 Dev Log

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