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This is it Pokémon fans, epic Sun and Moon news has dropped and we’ve got it all right here, from Mega evolutions to Ash-Greninja and we got to witness the likes of Rowlet, Litten and Popplio evolve. It’s go time!

Since we’ve already done an article with regards to the Pokémon Sun & Moon demo, we’ll get that bit of news out of the way first. A demo is coming and the Greninja companion comes with the ability Battle Bond, which means get ready, because Ash-Greninja is coming to the Alola Region and can be transferred to the full game. Demo releases on the 18th of October and now let’s talk evolution!

We may not have seen the final forms, but we finally got to see what comes next after Rowlet, Litten and Popplio and they are Dartrix, Torracat and ! Being the evolved form of Rowlet, Dartrix is a Grass/Flying-type with the ability Overgrow and comes across as being a little vain. After Dartrix comes Torracat, Litten’s evolved form and hands down a good looking evo. What’s more is Torracat actually looks tough and cute at the same time, and continues to have the Blaze ability and keeps its single Fire typing. Lastly we come to Brionne and I’ve got to admit, I’m a little disappointed. I’ve been team Popplio from day one, but Brionne was not what I was expecting, but you know what, I’m okay with that. Sure Brionne has a different colouring and markings, but considering as this evo could have been worse, I’m glad she is what she is and yes, I am decreeing Brionne to be female as it is a very feminine looking Pokémon.  Brionne remains a single Water-type and her ability is of course Torrent.

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Net up, let’s talk Festival Plaza, a secret place where you can interact with other players. When we learned character customization was back, we learned we would need Festival Coins in order to purchase clothing and the like. Well Festival Plaza is where you need to go to get those Festival Coins and you get them by fulfilling the requests of other players and there are a lot of requests that can be fulfilled. But as well as just earning Festival Coins in the Festival Plaza, you can spend them too as there are a whole range of shops, which includes a Bouncy House that can raise your Pokémon’s stats. Also at the plaza, as well as being able to connect with other trainers, you can also battle and trade with them. You will also be able to increase the rank of your Festival Plaza by acquiring more Festival Coins and as your rank goes up, special prizes will be received and you’ll be able to host missions too!

“As your Festival Plaza’s rank goes up, you’ll gain the ability to host missions, where multiple players can try to complete a certain goal together. Missions can be attempted with other players you connect to via local wireless or the Internet. It also seems that global missions will sometimes be held, in which everyone playing Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon can work together to achieve a goal!”

Now moving away from the Festival Plaza, how about we talk about a place called Poké Pelago? It’s only a Paradise for the Pokémon you store in PC Boxes! Poké Pelago consists of a variety of islands where your Pokémon can get up to all sorts:

“Poké Pelago consists of a variety of isles where Pokémon can go exploring, play on athletic equipment, and enjoy other fun activities. If you send many Pokémon to Poké Pelago, you can develop the facilities on your isles—and develop new kinds of isles as well. As these isles are developed and increase in number, you’ll be able to do things like obtain items or raise your Pokémon.”

Isle Abeens is an island you can visit right from the beginning and any visiting Pokémon that goes to Abeens, can actually go on to join your team, as long as they take a liking to you!


Isle Aphun however is an island you can start visiting and using, once you’ve developed it and develop it you will want to as you will be able to find valuable items on the shores of Aphun, which includes evolution stones!

There’s also an island called Isle Evelup, a place you can send your Pokémon to, to train them!

Now what else got revealed? How about the fact Mega evolution is in fact back! Some doubted it would even make it into this Gen, but make it back it did:


Mega Evolution Returns in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon:


“A select number of Pokémon were able to Mega Evolve in Pokémon Omega Ruby, Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, Pokémon X, and Pokémon Y. As long as you’re in possession of the proper Mega Stone, any of these Mega-Evolving Pokemon that can be caught in the Alola region will be able to Mega Evolve in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, as well. The Mega Stones for Pokémon that appear in the Alola region may be received from people in the game or obtained from special shops.”

We got some great news today, a true motherlode and more information is on its way as not only do we have four new Who’s That Pokémon? articles to come, but the next Sun and Moon news drop has been confirmed to come on October 14th at the following times:

10 pm JST

3 pm CEST

2 pm BST

9 am EDT

6 am PDT

11 pm AEST


All aboard the Sun & Moon hype train!


Source: The Official Pokémon Channel (YouTube) & pokemon-sunmoon.com/en-us/


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