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It’s not just old and new Pokémon who roam the Alola region, there’s Ultra Beasts as well, who are so powerful that they are considered a threat to both humans and Pokémon. Following the recent reveal of two additional Ultra Beasts and newer information, it’s time for a round of 2 Who’s That Ultra Beast? posts. First up we have the Ultra Beast exclusive to Pokémon Sun, UB-02 Absorption!


Ultra Beast: UB-02 Absorption:5

Description: “This Ultra Beast appears in Pokémon Sun and is known by the code name Absorption. What kind of power must it possess?

UB-02 Absorption’s entire body is covered with bulging, powerful muscles. The full force of a punch powered by these muscles would be off the charts!

Its distinctively long mouth is said to be harder than diamond. Could the Ultra Beast also use it to attack?”



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