Splat The Difference 3DS Review 

September 17, 2016 4:20 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Splat The Difference is a new Eshop game costing under £5 and taking up 454 blocks. It is also available on some smartphones.

It is a spot the difference game with a twist. Two pictures appear, either a drawing or real life objects and places. Once you spot the 3 differences use your stylus to splat paint on them. The classic mode also has a time limit, or you can play on casual mode without one.

Some of them took me ages to spot the differences which can get frustrating, but others only took me a second or two. 

There is also frenzy mode with a very short time limit, and mirror mode where the image on the top screen is upside down. 

You can also play with others via local or download play. 

I found it quite fun and nice break between other games, as it is perfect for short bursts,or even long burts as it can be a little addictive. 

The sound effects and music don’t really vary but you can turn those off if it starts to annoy you. 

I score the game 8.5/10 



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