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When Hyrule Warriors came out, it had a great line up of characters, but then fast forwards a couple of years and Hyrule Warriors Legends is released and with it came five new characters, who all added to both games and then Marin was announced and we were stunned.

For a lot of us Zelda fans out there, Link’s Awakening is a game we absolutely love and a story we will never forget, especially when it is the story that introduced us to Marin. For years fans have been begging for a 3D remaster, well that remaster never came to be, but as least we got the chance to see Marin reimagined and brought back to life in 3D form and she’s never looked better. But as happy as we are to see here, a few questions were raised and now a few months later, some of those questions have been answered during an interview between Nintendo Dream and Hyrule Warriors Producer Yosuke Hayashi, and thanks to Nintendo Everything’s translation, we have a few of Hayashi’s responses right here:


Hayashi on Marin’s Appearance in Hyrule Warriors:

“In reference to the packaging of Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, we made her graphics convey her innocent and bright personality even more in an appealing way. We changed that the ribbon on her waist looks cuter on the backside in the middle of action in Hyrule Warriors Legends.”


Hayashi on Marin’s Movements:

“Dance-like attacking and blowing enemies away by making the wind fish appear, among others. We came to decide on action that is energetic like Marin and feels exhilarating like Warriors games. The elemental attribute was decided to be water because of the image of Koholint Island. The magic spheres that come out of the bell match the form of the instrument and water, so it turned into attacking with sound bursts.”


Hayashi on why Marin’s weapon us a Bell:

“We examined her appeal when reviving a pixel art Marin in a 3D world, and as a result, we decided on a concept that her innocent aura and love for singing are important. From there the discussion linked to an instrument of siren and it turned into Sea Lily’s Bell motif as that was the most charming way to express her concept.

Well clearly a lot of thought went into Marin’s creation and it’s a good thing too as she certainly is one of the better characters to play as from the new line-up of playable Warriors. Now all we need is a proper Link’s Awakening remaster, or remake even and us Zelda gamers would be truly over the Majora’s Moon!


Source: @NE_Brian of Nintendo Everything

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