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Thanks to the latest update for Pokémon GO, which is still rolling out this very moment, a very interesting Pikachu easter egg has been discovered and we have The Silph Road to thank for it!

Apparently the easter egg works like this, you will need to assign Pikachu as your Buddy and then walk 10 kilometres (now would be a great time to hatch any of those 10 kilometres eggs you’ve been holding onto for an occasion such as this.) Once you have walked the required distance, when you access the Trainer Details screen, instead of being on the floor next to your avatar, Pikachu will now be perched on your shoulder.

It is not currently known if this easter egg works with any other Pokémon, but being so Pikachu often rides Ash’s shoulder during the anime a lot, it’s likely this is something that only happens with Pikachu. Good thing too really, the last thing we need is a Snorlax on our shoulder, I don’t know about you, but I rather like having  back not broken.

For more findings such as this, be sure to follow The Silph Road on Twitter, or find them on reddit today, they come out with a lot of great stuff! Also since we love hearing from you, for those of you who have the update already and have a Pikachu, if you try this for yourself, be sure to tweet us a photo to @miketendo64. We’ll add it to this article if you do!


Source: @TheSilphRoad (Twitter)

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