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We thought we had a good idea as to what kind of a Pokémon game was going to be, but we were wrong, as today’s newest reveals are something of a game changer.

Beside Pokémon exclusive to each version of the game, Sun and Moon features a huge difference, a feature that sees them set 12 hours apart! One change we see in effect is that during the night time, Totem Pokémon Gumshoos, is actually Totem Raticate (Alolan Raticate!)


A thorough analysis of the secrets of the two different worlds of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon!

“Some of the Pokémon that appear in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon are different. What’s more, there’s a difference in the way time is set in the two games.

Except for a few scenes, time in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon is tied to the actual time. Pokémon Sun operates on the same time as your Nintendo 3DS system, but time in the world of Pokémon Moon is shifted by 12 hours.

Some of the Pokémon that appear in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon are different—including Solgaleo and Lunala, which hold the key to the story. It seems that some of the Pokémon that appear as Totem Pokémon in the trials are also different.”


Then of course there’s Ultra Beasts to contend with as well: (If it’s news on the new Pokémon you’re looking for, scroll right down as that is nearer to the end of the article.)


A mysterious presence threatens the Alola region—Ultra Beasts!

“In the Alola region, rumors are flying about mysterious creatures known as Ultra Beasts. Ultra Beasts possess mighty powers and could pose a threat to humans and Pokémon, so they are feared.

It appears that the Aether Foundation is also conducting research on these Ultra Beasts.

According to rumor, multiple Ultra Beasts exist, each of them called by a code name.”

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One of such Ultra Beasts is UB-01:

“UB-01’s body is composed of a glass-like substance. However, it’s constantly changing shapes, never settling on one.

While evidence of something like a survival instinct can be observed in UB-01, no one knows whether it has a will of its own or any emotions. It’s said that, for some reason, its movements resemble those of a young girl.”


This is certainly an unexpected reveal and one that will certainly raise a lot of questions, while we wait for more news regarding these Ultra Beasts, but at least we did get to learn about the Aether Foundation, the group who actually research them. Here’s the official details on each new character of the Aether Foundation and Gladion, an enforcer for Team Skull, whose partner Pokémon happens to be Type: Null, the newly revealed Normal-type Synthetic Pokémon.



“The lovely Lusamine functions as the Aether Foundation’s president.”



“The assistant branch chief of Aether Paradise has a caring personality, so she’s loved by all the Aether Foundation employees.



“The lovely Lusamine functions as the Aether Foundation’s president.”


Employees of the Aether Foundation:

“The employees of the Aether Foundation shelter and care for Pokémon. Their uniforms appear to depend on which division they belong to.”


Gladion – Team Skull enforcer:

“This young man lends his strength to Team Skull as an enforcer. He places a high value on being strong in Pokémon battles. His partner Pokémon is the mysterious Type: Null.”

And just in case you’re still wondering what the fifth island could be for Sun & Moon, it is an artificial island, except it was created by the Aether Foundation and is called Aether Paradise and not the Azoth Kingdom:


The Aether Foundation:

“The Aether Foundation works in the Alola region. The foundation’s goal is to care for Pokémon that have been hurt.

The Aether Foundation has constructed an artificial island called Aether Paradise. There, they not only provide shelter for Pokémon, but also conduct various research projects. It seems that the main character will also be able to visit Aether Paradise during the adventure.”


But there was also another really cool feature shown off, the Poké Finder, a new feature that lets you experience the delights of Pokémon Snap in a main series Pokémon game:


“A feature known as the Poké Finder allows you to take pictures of Pokémon you find. It’s loaded into the Rotom Dex. When you use the Poké Finder in certain photo spots scattered throughout the Alola region, you can take pictures of Pokémon.

The pictures you take will be evaluated, and as you take better pictures, more features—like the ability to zoom in—become available.”

Now provided you’ve played Pokémon X & Y, you’ll be familiar with Professor Sycamore and his assistants Dexio and Sina. Well as you progress through Pokémon Sun & Moon, these two will show up, investigating Zygarde and guess what? They’re only going to give you the Key Item Zygarde Cube, so you can go round Alola collecting Zygarde Cores and Cells by sucking them up with the Zygarde Cube. If you’re able to collect enough of them, the path to finding Zygarde in Sun and Moon “may become clear.”


And now the moment you’ve probably been waiting for, the newly revealed Pokémon:


New Pokémon: Type: Null (Normal) Known Abilities: Battle armour

New Pokémon: Jangmo-0 (Dragon) Known Abilities: Bulletproof / Soundproof

“New” Pokémon: Alolan Rattata (Dark/Normal) Known Abilities: Gluttony / Hustle (Evolves into Alolan Raticate)

“New” Pokémon: Alolan Raticate (Dark/Normal) Known Abilities: Gluttony / Hustle (Evolves from Alolan Rattata)

Now if you think that’s all the footage we have for you today, we also have a second clip, which you can find below. This new clip is the 2nd Japanese Train ON! Trailer and it shows off things an evolution to Cutiefly and clothing customisation. See both here:

Here ends our coverage of today’s reveals, for more Pokémon news and information on the recently shown Pokémon, be sure to check back often, especially this weekend as we’ll be putting out another bunch of Who’s That Pokémon? articles. (The Cutiefly evo & UB-01 will not be covered at this time.)


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