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Sensor Tower have crunched the numbers once more and according to the report they posted yesterday, Pokémon GO has now amassed over 180 million downloads and the app has gone on to gross more than $440 million dollars worldwide, as for Niantic, $308 million of net revenue is theirs.

Now despite the app has fallen out of favour with a number of players, due to changes and the like, the numbers show that Pokémon GO is still popular in the US, what with most players still playing it for at least 32 minutes a day and is earning $4 million every day and since we’re back on money, here’s a graph which compares Pokémon GO’s financial success to the success of 5 Summer Blockbuster films that released around the same time:Pokemon GO Worldwide Gross Revenue Compared to 2016 Summer Movie Box Office Earnings

Pokémon GO is still relevant and it is definitely keeping us entertained, and if you want to see what else Sensor Tower’s report divulged, be sure to click right here! Or stick around and tell us your thoughts on Pokémon GO so far. Have they changed since you first downloaded the app or have they changed a lot? Let us know!


Source: Randy Nelson of Sensor Tower

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