Nintendo 3DS Direct Highlights! 

September 1, 2016 3:10 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

What an exciting Nintendo 3DS direct for Europe! 

The biggest highlight for me was the announcement of Super Mario Maker coming to 3DS on December 2nd. I really liked the Wii U version and I am excited for this. 

You can share your courses via streetpass and local wireless as well. You can also upload an incomplete course and someone else can finish it off for you and you are then both credited in having made it. I think it is a great idea to get you interacting with other players.

Mario Party Star Rush may be one to watch out for as well. The last few games have missed the mark a little for me. But the new ones looks a lot of fun, more fast paced, more mini games and a bit of strategic gameplay too. It will be released October 7th. There will also be new amiibo released at the same time.

Quite looking forward to Dragon Quest Fragments of the Forgotten Past on September 16th. I am new to the series and I hope this game will get me into it. Also expect Dragon Quest 8 early 2017.

We had some more news on Ever Oasis but no definate release date. One feature announced today was that travelers will visit your oasis and sometimes they will move in. 

We have had many other 3DS announcements as well; Pikmin, Yoshi’s Wooly World, Hyrule warriors DLC (Toon Link and Zelda), Mario Sports Superstars, 7th Dragon Code and it looks like Disney Magical World 2 will release in October. Looking forward to hearing more about those. We have some more info on the Animal Crossing New Leaf update (see separate article), an update for streetpass plaza and the Rythm Paradise demo will available later today. 

We also saw new footage of Sonic Boom which I was not impressed with. 

Overall a very good Nintendo direct. I am looking forward to the next six months for Nintendo, after a somewhat slow year for new releases. 

New Zelda amiibos will also release later this year and they will be compatible with the upcoming Breath Of The Wild, to celebrate 30 years of Zelda. 

What games are you most looking forward to? Leave a comment! 

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