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Like a good main series Pokémon or Fire Emblem game, Yo-Kai Watch 2 is not one game, but 2, Fleshy Souls & Bony Spirits and today we got to learn a little bit more about them too! 

So straight off the bat, what’s different with Yo-Kai Watch 2 compared to Yo-Kai Watch 1? How about the fact we get to go back in time, back to a time when the Yo-Kai Watch is about to be created! In Old Springsdale players will get to pick one of two sides, locked in “an age old Yo-Kai war.” Players will also have access to the Yo-Kai Watch Model Zero, which is something of a game changer when it comes to battle!


As for which side to pick, ultimately it comes down to which Yo-Kai you want to befriend more, what with each version featuring exclusive Yo-Kai and will see you paired up with one of the two factions. Good news though, no matter what one you do eventually choose, when befriending Yo-Kai, you will be able to get their medal, which can be traded with other Yo-Kai players, even if they’re playing the version you’re not!

Next came perks regarding the game, i.e. particular medals for purchasing retail editions of the game and their functions and, perks for purchasing the digital versions. For the full information on this, which we have already covered a while back, click here! And now with just one more thing to cover, for anyone looking to try the game before they buy it, a demo will be released mid-September, so make sure you download it at your first opportunity.

But make sure you pick your side soon because Yo-Kai Watch 2 will release on the 30th of September.


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