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Some Gyms are hard enough to beat already, but now it seems Gyms belonging to other teams have gotten a whole lot larder thanks to a new kind of glitch, which mostly seems to only be happening in New York.


The glitch itself is allowing some Pokémon GO players to actually deposit an egg at a Gym and because Eggs have no CP, HP and attacks, the eggs can not be beaten, causing the Gym’s to literally be unbeatable (especially since the eggs can’t seem to be removed either,) and this glitch actually continues to be a thing! So either Niantic (who at this point have yet to make any comment on this,) have yet to come up with a solution for what is causing this in the New York area, or it’s not that high on their priority list, but the former is more likely.

Interestingly enough though, plenty of videos are making their way online showcasing this very glitch in action and although the show off different Gyms in New York, a lot of the videos show Pokémon Go player kikNetopsG utilising this glitch the most. But with so many videos revealing his account and Niantic playing hardball by permanently banning a number of players who were known to be cheating, gps spoofing and hacking, kikNetopsG could also be seeing his account go bye bye pretty soon, but even then that wouldn’t stop the gamer behind the account from creating another account and doing it all over again.

Hopefully in the coming days, we’ll hear from Niantic as they share with us just exactly it is they are going to do about this Egg Exploit and how they intend to stop gamers from trying it in other locations.


Source: PoGo Marki (YouTube)

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  • It is a great shame as gym battles are one of the most important elements that keep the game interesting. It is still enjoyable just hunting for Pokémon but there is great joy in taking down gyms of an opposing team and making it yours.

  • That is not good at all.

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