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Well I don’t know about you but I’m pretty blown away by the new information, what with having so much to be excited about. Sure we didn’t get to see the evil team, or the evolved forms for the starters, but Z-Moves, Alolan Vulpix that’s an Ice-Type! That is some pretty exciting stuff, so with a lot to get through, let’s get started.

I can think of nowhere better to start than with the Z-Moves, a very, very special attack that can only be used once in battle, an attack which can only happen when the Trainer and their Pokémon’s wishes resonate with one another, so that they can release their full power as one! And what makes it even better, is every Pokémon’s is capable of performing a Z-Move, as there is a Z-Move for every Pokémon type going. But with this being Pokémon, there are of course some requirements. To use Z-moves you will need two Key Items (a Z-Ring and a Z-Crystal) and the Pokémon you wish to use the Z-Move with, will actually need to learn a move that is of the same typing as the Z-Move first and be holding the right Z-Crystal. (No good giving a Water-type a Z-Crystal for Fire-type moves.)

Pretty interesting stuff right? Well if you consider yourself to be a true Trainer that wants to dedicate themselves to all that is Sun & Moon, you might want to consider getting your own Z-Ring, as Tomy International will be releasing a Z-Ring for you to buy and wear and whenever you use a Z-Move in the game, this thing will actually light up, vibrate and play sounds to go along with the Z-Move you’re using. (Talk about really bringing the experience to life.) But right now that is all that is currently known about the device, so should we learn more, we’ll write about that again some other time, but now, we’re moving on to Alolan Vulpix!

So what exactly is Alolan Vulpix, Ninetales and the rest of the Alolan lot? Well going by what we’ve seen, they are awesome Gen I Pokémon that have been given a new look and even a new typing, but the five we’ve seen in the trailer, could just be the type of the iceberg as others could also be on their way and from different Generations, so here’s the proper explanation. They are certain Pokémon that have adapted to the very distinctive microclimates the Alola region has to other, causing them to change their appearance somewhat drastically. These Pokémon are referred to as Regional variants, due to the fact they are living in Alola as native Pokémon. As of right now, there are 5 Regional variants, (Exeggutor, Vulpix, Ninetales, Sandshrew and Sandslash,) and although the each one looks pretty freaking sweet in my opinion, Alolan Exeggutor takes the cake. The coconut tree has become even more of a coconut tree, except now it’s a Grass/Dragon-type? Yep that is what I call one must have Pokémon and I am sure a lot of you agree with me on that!

So what should we discuss next? How about the Island Challenge? It seems Gyms are not making an appearance, because instead we have the Island Challenge, a challenge that will have us exploring each of the four islands, meeting Trial Captains, who all have their own preferred specialty of Pokémon (Mallow prefers Grass-type, Lana prefers Water-types, Sophocles prefers Electric-type and Kiawe prefers Fire-types.) But then there’s also powerful Totem Pokémon that await us at the end of each trial, such as a Gumshoos (Yungoos’ evolved form,) which can call for an ally when in the middle of a battle, so trainers, you’ll have to be prepared for that and even then that’s not all. As well as Trial Captains, each island also has its very own Kahuna, who you will have to beat upon completing each Island’s Trial and for Melemele Island, the Kahuna is Hala! From the footage we got today, no other Kahuna for the other islands was revealed, probably because they want to hold off on that now and are not quite ready to be revealing the names of the other islands just yet, But saying that, reading the information for Lurantis, Lurantis is the Totem Pokémon for Akala Island, home of the Lush Jungle, which is where we will meet Mallow and now that there is no more to go over with regards to the Island Challenge, I guess it’s time to move on to the new Pokémon.

Revealed this time we have Oricorio, the Dancing Pokémon, which has four different forms with their own typings. First up is Oricorio’s Baile Style, a Fire/Flying-type. Then we have Pom-Pom style, which is an Electric/Flying-type. Pa’u Style, which is a Psychic/Flying-type and lastly there is Oricorio’s Sensu Style, which is a Ghost/Flying-type. According to the footage, there is a different style on each of the four islands, but each version all share the same Revelation Dance Move that changes to match the typing of the Oricorio using it. Oricorio also has the ability Dancer, which essentially lets it copy opposing Pokémon’s moves such as Masquerain’s Quiver Dance.


After Oricorio, we got to lay eyes on Minior, the Meteor Pokémon that’s a Rock/Flying-type with the Shields Down ability, which when activated, reverts Minior to Minior’s Core, which will change colour depending on the colour of the debris that has been absorbed. After Minior came the evolved form to Yungoos, Gumshoos, our third shown evolved Pokémon, after Charjabug and Vikavolt. But it seems the evolved forms continue, because the next Pokémon to be revealed was Fomantis, a Grass-type Pokémon with the ability of Leaf Guard who evolves into the Grass-type Lurantis, who can learn the new move Solar Blade.

As for the next Pokémon to follow and last to be see, instead of another evolved form, we got an unevolved form to everyone’s favourite Ground-type horse, Mudsdale. We all suspected Mudsdale wouldn’t evolve due to being an evolved form itself and we were right, because Mudbray does in fact evolve into Mudsdale and it is a cute little horsy. (Then again, Horsea was cute too I know, that was terrible, but it’s staying.) Staying with Mudsdale though, it seems Mudsdale is another of a few Pokémon we will get to ride on, as there is a Pokémon for all kinds of terrain, Tauros and Mudsdale for land, a Sharpedo for the sea and a Charizard for when you want to take to the skies. (Note, these aren’t all the Pokémon you can ride, but just the ones that were shown in the English clip, as we also know thanks to earlier footage that you can also ride Lapras and Stoutland as well.) Taken from one of the official websites, the Pokémon you actually get to ride do not join your team, but you can call on them when you have need of them and that this “Poké Ride” is actually the norm in Alola and a great way of getting you to places you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to reach before and that’s just gravy.


Now if you happened to miss the trailer, be sure to watch it with the video below, but just know we will be posting a whole ton of Pokémon Sun & Moon related articles in the coming days as we well be doing more of our Who’s That Pokémon? articles on every Pokémon that was shown today, including the Alolan version of our beloved Gen I Pokémon, but that’s enough from me, here’s the English video, followed by the Japanese one, which contains some alternate footage:

This is also not the only bit of Sun & Moon news you can expect to hear this month as it has been confirmed more information will drop at the same time on the 12th of August, so we have that to look forwards too, but until then, why not let us know what you make of today’s reveal. Did you love it? Did you hate? Do you hate the fact that you love or? Or love the fact you hate it? Let us know! (I know, I am so excited today.)



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  • Great roundup of all the info! I’m most excited about Z-Moves, though the Alola versions of Pokemon may be intriguing, as long as they’re not all abominations like long-necked dragon Exeggutor…

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