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Is the box art for your copy of Splatoon looking a bit stale? Do you find yourselves wishing there was something you could do to make it a little more interesting? Well Nintendo have the answer!


With the final Splatfest set to take place next week, here are two printable box arts that you can use to redecorate your retail copy of Splatoon, to show off once and for all which Squid Sister has your fealty, #TeamCallie or #TeamMarie?

Still why choose between which cover to get when you can print of both and easily rotate between and the original cover. You’ll certainly be helping your copy Splatoon “Stay Fresh” and if you only own Splatoon via digital download, why let that stop you? Simply use an old game or DVD box and add your chosen printable Splatoon cover to it. You may not have a disc to go in it but in this case, it’s what’s on the outside that counts.


Regardless of what you do decide to do with these alternative covers, the final Splatfest is coming, and it’s not one to miss out on! Will you be participating? Let us know!


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