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What keeps me coming back to Animal Crossing after all these years? Addictive gameplay. I have been playing New Leaf for 3 years and I still enjoy it.

I play it most days, sometimes it is out of habit. I feel I have to keep checking on it. Has my favourite villager moved away without telling me? I almost get a sinking feeling when the game loads up. Or you worry if someone has moved in and ruined your paths, or even worse stopped you putting a new Public Works Project where you want. 

Does the shops have those items I have been waiting for? Or Is my town overgrown with weeds? Even though you know that’s not true because you checked it 2 days ago and everything was fine.

You end up putting a lot of work into your town laying paths, building, unlocking, landscaping, decorating and harrassing your neighbours. It’s hard to give up on all that work, so you keep playing, making slight improvements here and there, and to make sure your favourite squirrel isn’t moving away. Sounds mad to some people but it’s almost a constant battle to keep your town “perfect”.

 The game sucks you in. You rack up hundreds or thousands of hours on it. And you take pride in showing it off. 

Part of it is habit. But also part of it is I still enjoy playing it and I try to give myself new challenges. I’ll restart my town and try to make it even better than the last town.

If you play New Leaf you know it’s rarely an easy choice to restart. You feel deflated that all your work is gone, but also excited for a new adventure, and more excuse to keep playing it! 

But then a new set of challenges await you. Finding the perfect map, the native fruit you want, making sure your starter villagers aren’t too ugly and picturing where you will build things. 

I love running the town and playing on the island with friends but it’s the little things about the game that make it special. 
The 2am calming music, cosplay, the sound of a storm, catching a scallop and trading it for pirate furniture, giving a piece of perfect fruit to your villagers or sitting on a bench with them, diving off the cliff into the sea, or even catching that tarantula that you’ve been hunting for weeks. You get a sense of achievement throughout this game.

The game is pretty magical, and for most it is more than just something to pass the time, as it becomes part of your life. And you know what? We love it.

Written by Victoria Thorley (HGN).


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