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The app’s rollout release around the globe continues as those in the United States of America can now also download the app from the App Store and Google Play Store. But if you already downloaded the apk file for your Android device, it’s not a problem because the save data will carry over.


Still it’s not exactly been the smoothest of releases, what with many users reporting bugs and serious battery draining the app seems to be causing. Niantic are currently attempting to fix this, but for now while you wait, all you can try doing is tuning the volume down, lowering your brightness settings and reducing in-game actions. But like we said, other bugs/issues have been reported, such as distorted audio. For the full list, click here.



For those of you in the States who do download the app, just bear in mind the issues are still there as they have not yet been fixed and that at this time, anyone who tried to sign in with their Pokémon Trainer Club account will be unable to do so as the site is undergoing maintenance. Now if you are in Canada and are wondering what the hell is going on, because this is twice now you have been overlooked, due to being in the NA territory and wasn’t given the choice to participate in the beta, all I can say is the app is coming soon. Coming soon to Canada, Europe and South Africa, which comes straight from The Pokémon Company, but no mention of a date, they have however put out a launch trailer for the app.

As well as a release in the United States, the official Pokémon website provides a link to the official site for Pokémon GO, which you can see by clicking here, (if you scroll down to the bottom, you will be able to select your region,) or here if you would rather visit the official Pokémon GO site from Niantic Labs to stay up to date with the latest straight from the development team.


For more Pokémon GO related news and a forthcoming review, be sure to check back to our site as we will be supplying fairly regular updates.


Source: Pokémon GO (YouTube) @NE_Brian of Nintendo Everything

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  • All right, I finally got to download it! I only have a few minutes in between school and work for today, but it worked out well since my College counts for about 20 landmarks. I’m getting a ton of Pokeballs through them, but have only encountered one Pokémon so far. I’ve turned off the camera function for a little while though to save battery so that’s probably it. I won’t succumb to the micro transactions! This game will definitely be a blast though and I look forward to challenging my friends. (There better be a P2P mode!)

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