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Announced on Twitter, @Pokemon_cojp have revealed that new information regarding the upcoming Sun & Moon games, is set to come out exactly a week from now, on Friday the 1st of July.

Unlike previous Sun & Moon reveals, the information will not be unveiled on YouTube, but will be uploaded on all official sites, but that doesn’t rule out we won’t be getting a new trailer, but it also doesn’t confirm it. In my opinion I think it’s more likely we will be getting new screenshots and do you remember Iwanko and Nekkoala? The two Pokémon that were revealed from CoroCoro? I believe this new information drop concerns them, essentially their translated names, which includes English and added info on each one. As well as that, it’s also likely we will be getting distribution details for obtaining Magearna in North America and Europe.


Should we get any additional information, say more new Pokémon, or even starter evolutions that would be preferable, but just don’t go expecting anything truly groundbreaking this time around. Still it’s only a week until the information, it’s not that long before we get the answer and should you not know what time the information is expected to drop, you can find them below:

22:00 PM JST

14:00 PM BST

15:00 PM CEST

09:00 PM EDT

06:00 PM PDT


Source: @Pokemon_cojp (Twitter)


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