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Splatoon 2 New Spy Gear

Splatoon 2 Spy Gear Shown In Coro Coro

A few weeks ago, Coro Coro revealed their “Shocking news” that turned out to be exclusive Spy gear for Splatoon 2. The Splatoon 2 Spy Gear can only be recieved via a serial code that will be provided in the September 2018 issue of the Japanese publication. The publication also provides some images of the… View Article
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Splatoon 2 Koshien 2019

Splatoon Koshien 2019 Fanbook Will Have Exclusive Splatoon 2 Gear

Japan will be recieving the Splatoon Koshien 2019 Fanbook on 4th March. It will feature coverage from Famitsu of the Splatoon Koshien 2019 Tournaments. The Fanbook will also have a serial code for some exclusive gear for Splatoon 2 which you can take a peek at in the image below. The exclusive gear includes a… View Article
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Images Emerge Of Jangmo-o & Type: Null’s Evolutions From Latest Issue Of Coro Coro

As we mentioned before in a previous post, images from the next issue of Coro Coro have been leaked revealing Alolan Grimer and giving us the names for the evolutions of Jangmo-o and Type: Null being Jarango & Jararanga and Silvadi respectively. Images from the same issue have now surfaced revealing what these Pokémon will look like, Jarango &… View Article
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Pokémon Trading Cards

[Feature] All Charizard Cards In TCG From Base Set To Now

Post By Luke Hackett of Titan Cards Ltd. Since the year 1996, children have аbаndоned tаrmас аnd junglе gуmѕ to huddlе аrоund ѕtасkѕ оf саrdbоаrd. Whіlе асtuаl knowledge оf gameplay іѕ ѕсаrсе, thе cards аrе fеrvеntlу dеѕіrеd аnd hоtlу соntеѕtеd. Mаnу a friendship is fоrgеd and ѕрlіntеrеd through thе bartering оf thеѕе Pokemon Cards. And… View Article
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[Video] Splatoon CoroCoro Comic Anime Now Live

If you have been following us over the last month, you may have read that Coro Coro teased theat they will be releasing a Web Anime for Splatoon. The first episode is now live and is titled “Rider” This is not your standard Anime has CoroCoro have dubbed it a Comic Anime as the series… View Article
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Meet Silvally, Kommo-o, Tsareena, Alolan Muk And More In Pokémon Sun & Moons’s Latest Trailer

Well as promised, there was a new trailer released today on the Official Pokémon YouTube Channel and helps clear up some hazy facts from the information provided from the loose translations of the latest Coro Coro Magazine. First off, our previous post regarding Type: Nulls’s & Jangmo-o’s evolutions types were true along with the type… View Article
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Alolan Grimer Revealed Along With Evolutions For Jangmo-o & Type: Null

Images of the next issue of Coro Coro Magazine have leaked and have revealed the latest news for Pokémon Sun & Moon including and image for Alolan Grimer which appears to be a Poison/ Dark type. Currently unconfirmed, as there are no images to prove this fact, but Jangmo-o’s evolution is apparently featured in the… View Article
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The Twilight Affair we Just Can’t Get Enough of – The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD

The year was 2006 and Twilight Princess saw its release on the 19th of November and what a game it was. After the cel-shaded likes of the Wind Waker and the return of Toon Link in Minish Cap, the Legend of Zelda had returned to the darker side we love and we had just got… View Article
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