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The “evidence” for the Nintendo NX to use cartridges continues to build as new trademark fillings for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild reveals that in the Goods and Services category, it lists “video game cartridges” and “video game memory cards.”


The discovery of this fact comes from NeoGaf user Atherrrios, who noticed the chosen wording of the US trademark filling, but before we do start accepting this as concrete evidence that the NX will use cartridges and the fact that trademark fillings for Wii U games list discs and downloadable methods, and 3DS games reference cartridges as a core category, but games like Ever Oasis and Monster Hunter Generations, also reference other media types than just cartridges. But cartridges are certainly looking more and more likely for the NX every day.


Source: Thomas Whitehead of NintendoLife


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  • That would be so awesome. I hope they do end up going through with that.

  • I am hoping for game carts. I love the media for gaming. It would make sense. The DVD & Blu-ray have become a snare in the powerful modern systems. The need to load to a internal hard drive because load time would become excessively long. And at times it still does not help. If they do return to the cart, the NX will become the most advanced modern day console on the market.

    Bring it on Nintendo.

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