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*UPDATE (13/06/16): Nintendo have also released the new artwork on Facebook, in much higher quality)

Amazon is quickly becoming no stranger to leaks this year as the retailer has already leaked confirmation of multiple islands for the Alola Region of Pokémon Sun & Moon and the Cave of Shadows for Twilight Princess HD, but now Amazon has leaked more Zelda goodness!

 Zelda Awesome.jpg

This time the leak pertains to a new image pertaining to Zelda Wii U/NX and clearly shows Link, in the same style of the previous arts, scaling up the side of a mountain without the aids of ropes. But while Link is busy climbing, which hopefully will be a mechanic we can use a lot during the events of this next Zelda game, just look at that background. The land is laid bare and Death Mountain is the background, but what makes this image more special is the fact this is the first artwork we’ve had where we can see Link clearly interacting with this world.


As for the leak itself, it’s clearly a mistake on Amazon’s part, but the image doesn’t seem to be present at this current moment, but I doubt this will be the last we see of it, especially with E3 now two days away.


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