The Silph Road and GAME Previews are back and this time they’re sharing a whole range of all new Pokémon GO details, concerning update v0.25.0!


So just what is this new? We for a start you will be able to nickname your Pokémon companions and levelling them up will require the use of certain candy and stardust. Still even then that is just the tip of the iceberg. The new details, which come directly from The Silph Road’s Analysis & Summary of the v.0.25.0 update, are as follows: (Note these are not the full details of the Analysis, merely the highlights. For the play by play, we insist you click here. But for those of you not in the reading mood, there is also a video that covers some of the bigger information.)


Comprehensive List of Leaks:

  • New item “Lure Patch:” Attracts Pokémon to PokéStop for 15 minutes when deployed.
  • Confirmed: Stardust used to increase CP and HP.
  • Defender bonus’ showing on top left of the trainer profile.
  • ‘Nearby’ Pokémon distances now in 20 meter increments instead of 5.
  • You can now sort your Pokémon by recent catches and favourites, as well as the previous sort options.
  • Pokémon in your inventory that are deployed now have a gym icon next to them.
  • Tons of new badges. One for each Pokémon type, # of deployed Pokémon, Attacks Won, Defences Won, Deployed Total, Prestige dropped and Prestige raised.
  • Confirmed: Nicknaming and ‘favouriting’ Pokémon.
  • ‘Defender bonus’ collectible by clicking on button on Trainer Profile. Extra for each deployed Pokémon.
  • Pokémon “relative sizes” now showing next to their height/weight stats. (e.g. ‘xs’ or ‘xl’)
  • CP ‘arch’ may not be logarithmic anymore, (or at least has seen an update so that low-CP Pokémon are no longer filled past halfway.)
  • It looks like all testers currently defending a Gym got the same ‘Defender Bonus’ today of 5,000 dust and 100 coins.
  • Instead of releasing mons, you ‘transfer them to the Professor. Doing so gives this confirmation prompt:

“You can’t take it back after it’s transferred to the Professor. Do you really want to transfer ____ to the Professor?”

  • You get 1 Candy from the Professor for transferring a Pokémon.
  • Your deployed Pokémon is now visible on top of the Gym from the map.
  • 50 Stardust and 1 Candy seems to be award for catching any wild Pokémon.
  • The ‘CP Arch’ on each Pokémon‘s page now appears to be linear instead of logarithmic. Our guess is that ‘Boosting’ the CP of each Pokémon (with stardust) is capped by each Trainer Level.
  • Dodging has been overhauled. Text now notifies you if a dodge was successful for either the attacker or defender.
  • You are now awarded more Prestige Points and XP when training with a weaker Pokémon. Using a vastly overpowered Pokémon to train awards no Prestige Points.
  • Hatching eggs gives lots of stardust! Roughly 1k each.


(Here’s the video we promised, courtesy of GAME Previews🙂

But for any doubters out there who believe all of this information is false, The Silph Road have actually been very good with revealing Pokémon GO information, but if that’s not enough, how about a statement from the Community Manager, which was posted in the Google+ community associated with Pokémon GO: (The Statement was posted after The Silph Road already began revealing new details for the update.)



We have an exciting Pokémon GO software update that should be coming to you soon. This update brings some exciting new features and changes we want to highlight. Most importantly, thank you VERY MUCH for playing the game and giving us your suggestions. We heard you and some of these improvements came because of your feedback. Please keep all these details CONFIDENTIAL.


Better Tutorial:

The Trainer tutorial has been revised based on feedback to be more comprehensive and streamlined.


Transfer Pokémon:

Trainers no longer release Pokémon to the wild. Trainers now have the option to transfer a Pokémon to the Professor. Transferred Pokémon will leave the Trainer’s inventory permanently.


Daily Defender Bonus:

Pokémon GO now awards a Daily Defender Bonus. Trainers can earn Stardust and Pokécoins for each Pokémon you have defending a Gym. The Defender Bonus can be redeemed from the Trainer profile screen in the top left corner.


Power Up:

Using Stardust and Candy, Trainers can now Power Up their Pokémon to increase their CP and HP.


New Items:

*Candy: Earned by catching Pokémon, hatching Eggs, and transferring Pokémon to the professor. Candy can be used to Power Up and evolve a Pokémon. All previous evolution shards will be converted over to candy with this release.

*Candy is specific to the Pokémon’s evolution family. For example, Bulbasaur Candy is obtained by catching Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, and Venusaur as well as hatching or transferring any Pokémon in the Bulbasaur family.

*Stardust: Earned by catching or hatching a Pokémon and as a reward for the daily defender bonus. Stardust can be used to Power Up a Pokémon.

*Lure Patch (In-App Purchase Only): Can be installed on a PokéStop. A Lure Patch will attract Pokémon to the PokéStop for a duration enabling all Trainers to catch them.


Other New Features:

*Nickname Pokémon: Trainers now have the ability to provide Pokémon individual nicknames. Nicknames are only visible to the Pokémon’s trainer. So if you catch a Squirtle in your hometown, you can name it accordingly! Nicknames can be given by clicking the pencil icon next to the Pokémon’s name from their information page.

*Favourite Pokémon: Trainers have the ability to mark a Pokémon as a favourite and can now sort by favourites as well. Pokémon can be added to your favourite list by clicking the star in the upper right corner of their information page.

*Gym Leader Pokémon: The Pokémon that a Gym Leader is using to defend a Gym will now be displayed on top of the Gym icon.

*Timestamp and location of Pokémon catch: The date and time as well as the location of where a Pokémon was caught will now be displayed on each Pokémon’s information page. The location will be displayed as a map image with a marker.


New Badges:

Several new badges have also been implemented based on the following:

  • Total number of Pokémon assigned to a Gym.
  • Total number of Battles won as a challenger.
  • Total number of Battles won as a defender.
  • Total number of training Battles won.
  • Total amount of Prestige increased through training.
  • Total amount of Prestige decreased through Battles.
  • Number of specific type Pokémon caught (i.e. Fire, Water, Rock, etc.)Fixes
  • Allowing multiple potion/revive use.
  • Fixed Incense/Lucky egg timer meter.
  • Fixed broken Pokédex layout.



The Pokémon GO Development team.”


We’ve been waiting for a huge information download and by jove we got one and with more Pokémon GO details expected to drop during the Q&A at E3, we could be learning a whole lot more, such as a release month! It’s time to get excited folks, it’s not that much longer now before Pokémon GO will be playable the world over!


Source: The Silph Road (Reddit) & GAME Previews (YouTube)

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