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If you’re in the United States and you signed up for the US beta of Pokémon GO, but never received an invite to try the beta, you might want to check your gmail account right now, because a beta invite could be waiting for you.

Should you prove to be one of the lucky few to be included in this round of invites, well done you, especially since the Pokémon GO beta has recently had a new update, in which sees the inclusion of candy and stardust being used to level up your Pokémon. Then of course there’s also the new Lure Patch, being able to nickname your Poké companions and so much more. For the few list of updates, we suggest you either click here for our article on all the new changes, or here, where the brilliant The Silph Road posted it first. But we also have a general run-through video by GAME Previews, which you can see right here:

However should your inbox be absent a Pokémon GO beta invite, we offer our condolences, but with the Pokémon GO Q&A due to take place at E3 next week, we should be able to learn a whole lot more about the game, including a release date which right now is rumoured to be around the end of July, (we can only hope right?)


For more Pokémon GO information regarding the beta, be sure to check back often, because here at Miketendo64, we post the stuff that some sites can’t.


Source: @PkmnGlobalNews (Twitter) & GAME Previews (YouTube)

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  • How do you sign up?

  • Stacy to sign up you need to go on this link and you will need a gmail account, but it is most likely too late now. But you can still try: pokemongo.nianticlabs.com/

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