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Alas! My Super Smash Bros amiibo diorama has finally arrived from After spending a few minutes to it all together, my amiibo figures can now enjoy being on the battlefield themselves rather than just watching their digital selves have all the fun.


The Diorama itself is actually quite  sturdy and made of strong yet flexible plastic and polycardboard
(I don’t know what the correct term is to describe the material). The base also comes with a 3D mould so there are protrusions and adds depth to an otherwise very flat surface. It does make adding more amiibo figures a little difficult without a flat surface to place them on.


The suspended platforms are made of a tough plastic and can easily support 2 large amibo with no issue. They are not 100% level though so they do require some weight to keep straight. There is also a Smash Ball stand-up accessory which you can place anywhere you please.


Well it has come to the end of this article so I shall not waste your time any longer but if you would like to see more of this Diorama, we will be posting an unboxing video very soon.

Until Next Time, Keep On Gaming!

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  • Hey, that seems pretty nifty. The diorama definitely seems like it’s a good quality piece. That’ll definitely be a blast!

    • Thanks! It is pretty sturdy and a lot stronger than it looks. A nice addition for any Amiibo collector, especially those that collect the Smash Bros Series.

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