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February may have been the month we saw the final dlc content for Smash release, but Nintendo is by no means finished with the Wii U/3DS title as a whole new update is on its way!


We don’t know much about patch 1.1.6 which is usual, since Nintendo never seem to give us detailed notes regarding patches for Smash. But considering as how this new update requires 61MB of storage space for the Wii U and 325MB on the 3DS, it’s safe to assume it will be something to improve and add to the gaming experience, especially since Nintendo have promised this new update will do just that.

With no actual date given and no mention of the update on the US and UK sites, for now all we have to go on is a bit of information that comes directly from the Japanese site, which specifies May but makes no mention of what day we can expect to see it this month.

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    *UPDATE (19/05/16): There has yet to be a release date specified, but it has been around this patch will see some changes made to Bayonetta.

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