Pocket Card Jockey Review (3DS)

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Pocket Card Jockey is a card game(solitaire) crossed with horse racing. The faster you clear the cards the faster your horse will run.
It’s an unusual but fun combination that really works and can be addictive.
The game was released on the 5th of May and I have played it nearly every day since. For under £7 it was well worth it.


You get to name the horses you ride and after your first horse reaches near retirement you then have a choice of horses, each with different characteristics. I had to call my first horse Epona.
During the game you play solitaire while your horse runs. Once you have cleared the deck you can draw a line with your stylus to move position.
Depending on how quickly you played and whether you made any mistakes will determine how many stamina points you earn. Then you have to decide when to use them before the home stretch. You play around 3-4 games of solitaire per race.


There are also cards on the track your horse can pick up which helps your game. For example a card that stops your horse getting angry if you choose the wrong card, for a limited time.
I should also add if you make too many mistakes your horse becomes a runaway and is harder to control during the race.


During the home stretch you can move position either up or down and use up any boost cards you have to win. But if you’ve played well enough you wont need them.
You play through a series of cups until your horse has to be retired.
You can still visit this horse on the farm and also race again in a cup for older horses.


I enjoy this game a lot and once you learn what you are doing it’s very fun.
There is also a shop for buying items to help you in your race.

I also love the art style and the dialogue between the characters.
I would recommend this game to anyone who likes card games, strategy games and anyone looking for something a bit different.
There is also a demo available if you aren’t sure.
I would score the game 9/10.

Written by Victoria Thorley.
(Head Admin at Handheld Gaming Network on Facebook/YouTube).

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