Pokemon VS Yo-Kai Watch: My Opinion

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Lately many gamers have been comparing the two. The similiarity between the two is that you find creatures to join your team and you train them but in Pokemon you capture them while in Yo-Kai Watch the creatures ask to befriend you and join you.


Yo-Kai watch is quite unique but does take some elements from other games. For example the residents requests reminded me a bit of Fantasy Life, not that surprising as they are both Level 5 games.

The battle system is quite unique in that when you use special attacks it almost feels like a mini-game. For example you have to trace a line on the screen or spin your stylus, amongst others.
You can have six on your team and switch between three at a time rather than one.


There is more of a storyline in Yo-Kai Watch than any Pokemon game ive played. You shouldn’t really compare the two games as they are very different. Yo-Kai is more silly and comedic.

And while I love both franchises I actually prefer Yo-Kai Watch as it is the first one in the series and I dont feel so overwhelmed with choice.


My first Pokemon game was Alpha Sapphire, then i played one of the older ones, and I personally feel I started playing a little late and that has made me come to these conclusions.

As to whether Yo-Kai Watch will become as popular is unclear but I have a feeling it could.
All Pokemon veterans could be pleasantly surprised at this game and need to make room in their gaming library for another monster capture game. Both games are excellent and very different from eachother, but are just about similar enough to draw you in.


Written by Victoria Thorley
(Head Admin at Handheld Gaming Network on Facebook).

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  • Love it

  • I’ve played every Pokemon game in the series. I started with Red way back in the day. Yo-Kai Watch is a really good game, but failed to impress me the way Pokemon has. It just doesn’t have any replay value for me.

    • I think if i had started playing pokemon when I was young id probably think the same. But being relatively new to both they both appeal to me. Thanks for your comment 🙂

      • Being young had nothing to do with it. I just think Pokemon is the better series so far. I don’t let nostalgia cloud my judgement. I think Yo-Kai Watch is better then the old Pokemon Red game, but worst then Omega Ruby, and Heart Gold.

        • I know but for me it was a factor, as i only played my first pokemon game 18 months ago. I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of games. In general its easier for me personally to play something thats new 🙂

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