Can I call myself a true Zelda fan? 

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Well as it is Zelda week here I thought I’d write about one of my favourite game franchises. I have loved Zelda games since I first played Links Awakening on the Gameboy in the 90s. It was pretty much all I played for a long time. 

Then I fell in love with Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask on the N64. I could just get lost in those games and since then I’ve called myself a Zelda fan. 

I’ve played every official Zelda game so far. But I have not completed them all. I found certain games in the series really lacked what I loved about the games in general and I just have no desire to complete them. For example Spirit Tracks, the Oracle games, Four Swords and Twilight Princess missed the mark for me personally. And the latest offerings Skyward Sword, Hyrule Warriors and Triforce Heroes were just OK. 

Luckily A Link Between Worlds and the remakes of OOT and MM have kept me interested. And of course waiting very long and patiently for Zelda U. Which I hope and believe will reignite this series for me.   

I still see myself as a true fan all these years later even though many of the games weren’t for me. I have Zelda clothing, posters, Hyrule Historia and Zelda monopoly amongst other Zelda merchandise. 

I think I will always play whatever Zelda game is released because they have tried to do something a little different in nearly every game, whether we like them or not is a different story. But nonetheless we stick by this great series. 

Do you feel you have to like every game in this series, or any series of games for that matter, to call yourself a true fan? Leave a comment with your thoughts. 

As always thanks for reading! Happy gaming. 

Written by Victoria Thorley (Head Admin of Nintendo Haven and Handheld Gaming Network on Facebook). 

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