As proper news is a bit lacking, I have decided to do a little feature piece which has been inspired by our friends over at NintendoFigures.Net. I just wanted to talk and share with you my amiibo Collection. It isn’t the biggest in the world but it is mine and I am proud of it. I have put together a little gallery of my collection of amiibo and the games that they work with. Some games have more functionality than others, other games write read & data to specific amiibo.


Some amiibo like the Legend Of Zelda series can unlock weapons for their respective characters in Hyrule Warriors or replenish arrows, hearts or cause double damage in Twilight Princess HD. The Wolf Link amiibo is special in that it unlocks a dungeon of trials called the Cave Of Shadows which, puts Link inside a dungeon much like the Cave Of Ordeals. He then has to fight his way through 40 different rooms against many different enemies, all whilst in Wolf Form. Completing this challenge will the net you the colossal wallet which can hold up to 9,999 rupees (providing you already have the Giant wallet from Agitha, otherwise they will switch places.)


The Super Mario series has exclusive functionality in Mario Party 10. They unlock special boards to play in amiibo party and can be used as personal characters in the game which you can collect and unlock tokens and board pieces to gain an advantage in-game. Various amiibo from the Super Smash Bros series and the Super Mario series can be used in Mario Kart 8 to unlock exclusive racing suits for the Mii Racer. 

Mario Kart & Mario Party 10

The Splatoon series amiibo unlock minigames that can be played on the arcade machines in the Plaza and special challenges which unlock weapons and gear in-game, essentially doubling or even tripling the single player content of the game. Bear in mind, you will have to fight DJ Octavius in the very last level of the challenge to unlock a new weapon.


The Super Smash Bros series amiibo can be trained and used as personalized (CPU ) amiibo fighters that you can play with or against in Smash, Special Smash and 8- Player Smash. Yoshi’s Wooly World and make good use of most of the amiibo as almost all amiibo figures can unlock costumes to play with in-game. Samus Aran will turn Yoshi into Samus Yoshi. Bowser will turn Yoshi into Bowser Yoshi and so on. Not all amiibo has this effect as The Pokemon amiibo only unlock amiibo Yoshi. The Yoshi and Yarn Yoshi amiibo unlock a secondary Yoshi to play with in game and moves in sync with your own primary Yoshi.

Yoshi WW & Smash Bros

Almost all amiibo unlock a special 8-bit character costume to play as in Super Mario Maker, providing the course in which it is used in is set to the Super Mario Bros theme. The 30th anniversary Mario amiibo unlock a mega mushroom in which turns Mario into Mega Mario who increases in size and changes colour to match the amiibo used (Modern Colours Mario or Standard Mario) and can smash through blocks. Enemies also take on some very noticeable changes including wearing moustaches, jumping around in blocks, some may even be mounted by Luigi or Princess Toadstool (as she was known as at the time) If you thought the Mushroom kingdom was pretty trippy before, you will definitely think you fell down the rabbit hole with this extra. The Mega Mushroom is also only available in Super Mario Bros theme.

Super Mario Maker

Though not even made in the same warehouse as the other Nintendo amiibo, the Shovel Knight amiibo is indeed licensed and affiliated with Nintendo and so far only works with one game title, it’s namesake; Shovel Knight. This amiibo unlocks a second player in the Wii U version of the game, a challenge mode on the 3DS and a personalized Shovel Knight in both. It is quite unique as it is the first ‘indie’ amiibo and could pave the way to more in the coming months.

Shovel Knight

Pokken Tournament also uses amiibo functionality in the way that any amiibo can reward gifts like in-game currency, trainer titles and attire for your avatar. The Shadow Mewtwo amiibo which comes only with the first editions of the game, both physical and digital (for NA residents that have purchased it online, they can redeem the card from Nintendo America), will unlock Shadow Mewtwo temporarily at the beginning of the game and will have to be scanned every time you begin a session in order to play him until you unlock him after completing Chrome League.

Pokken Tournament

amiibo Tap! gives all amiibo extra functionality as it allows any amiibo at all to unlock a 3-minute long demo of a NES or SNES game at random and are not game specific. For example A Kirby amiibo could unlock a Kid Icarus game. Zero Suit Samus could unlock F-Zero and vice versa. It is a nice little extra that gives amiibo owners a little more value to their amiibo and amiibo Tap! is free to download and by tapping the same amiibo again will select a different level in the game it unlocked.


Well that is all of my amiibo and just some of the games in my collecion that they work with. If you would like to see an updated amiibo functionality chart to see what amiibo are compatible with other games that are not listed here or in my collection, then look no further as we have provided one below, courtesy of it’s creator MoldyClay 64


All Rights to the graph above belong to it’s creator. We have shared it here purely to inform you of the latest updates to amiibo functionality. All credit for this chart should go to MoldyClay 64.


By Mike Scorpio

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  1. I love amiibo! They admittedly don’t do much, but I just love having the collectible figure itself. I’m so thrilled that the Smash line got amiibo because we wouldn’t see characters like Little Mac or Captain Falcon with any sort of collectible figurine ever otherwise!

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