Pokémon GO in Action – The SXSW Footage is Here!

With the exception of the cancellation of Niantic representative John Hanke’s presentation for Pokémon GO at the GDC this year and the news of Pokémon GO being ready for field-testing in Japan, we’ve had very little news regarding the mobile game, until now.

 During a panel at the South by Southwest convention (SXSW), footage of the upcoming mobile game was shown and we have some of that footage right here:

It has taken quite a number of months for us to reach this stage, but now we are actually able to get our first glimpse at the game and see just what it is all about and if what the current rumours suggest is true, we can expect to see beta tests finish around May/June and get our hands on the final product during Summer 2016. Sure it’s a bit of a wait but now that the door is open, we can expect to see a whole lot more of this game I the coming month before the floodgate opens completely and a whole lot more information will be shared on a regular basis and we can’t wait!

Source: serebii.net


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