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Written  by:  J.H.  Longman

It’s finally here, the joint anniversary month for both Pokémon and The Legend of Zelda. Both are franchises that have been with most of us, since childhood and they are still going as strong as ever and why wouldn’t they? They are both such iconic and worldly recognised game series’ that we will never forget!

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So to celebrate such joyous days, you can expect to be seeing a lot more Pokémon and Zelda pieces on the site, be them old or new, news articles or features and even reviews, and to get us started, here’s some Pokémon news sure to delight. The monthly mythical Pokémon giveaways have begun and for those in Europe looking to score themselves a Lv.100 Mew, you’re in luck, you can find a list of countries and their distribution stores below:


Mew Distribution: Feb 1st – Feb 24th:

UK: Able to acquire from GAME

Germany: Able to acquire from GameStop

Spain: Able to acquire from GAME

Italy: Able to acquire from GameStop

Australia: EB Games

United States: Able to acquire from GameStop


Please note each store has a limited amount of code cards for Mew, so to ensure your chances of getting one, it’s best to visit your local store as soon as possible, but not too soon that the store has yet to get any in. The code cards are valid until the 31st of May.


After February’s Month of Mew, Celebi is the next Mythical Pokémon to be distributed and will be available directly from the Nintendo Network. Other Mythical Pokémon that will become available through-out the course of the year are:

Celebi              –           March 1st-24th

Jirachi –           April 1st-24th     

Darkari            –           May 1st-24th

Manaphy         –           June 1st-24th

Shaymin          –           July 1st-24th

Arceus             –           August 1st-24th

Victini             –           September 1st-24th

Keldo               –           October 1st-24th

Genesect         –           November 1st-24th

Meloetta          –           December 1st-24th



This year is already shaping up to be a great one and the news keeps on coming, including the recent reveal that according to MCS, recent patent fillings suggest that Pokémon GO might not just be available on Apple and Android devices, but also on both home and hand-held version of the NX as well. More news on Pokémon GO is expected to break within the next two months, Big news and when it does, we’ll be here to share it! Let Pokémon & Zelda Month commence.


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