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[Feature] Welcoming Resplendent Ike & Tana to Fire Emblem Heroes (February 2021)

As more and more Resplendent Heroes are revealed for hit mobile app, Fire Emblem Heroes, debuting heroes for February 2021, is none other than Ike: Brave Mercenary and Tana: Winged Princess. Here’s what we know about them: Ike: Brave Mercenary (Resplendent Hero)   Distribution Period: (As part of the Feh Pass) February 9, 2020 at… View Article
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Benefits of Nintendo Student Discount

Who does not love playing the Legend of Zelda, Mario Kart, or Pokémon on Nintendo? This Japanese company is among the most popular ones in this industry and it works on attracting new customers every year. And 2021 is announced to be a great year when it comes to game releases on Nintendo. Scott Pilgrim… View Article
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Secret Hacks and Cheats You Should Know About Your Favorite Nintendo Games

Nintendo games were first released in the middle of the 70s, but it was later in the decade and early in the 80s when the games finally made a breakthrough. From there, several people have been hooked on the games because of the ultimate level of enjoyment that they garner from playing the games. Even… View Article
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Opinion: Can Nintendo Games & Consoles Be used in Classrooms for game-based learning? 

The use of gaming consoles in the classroom is currently proving to be a hot topic of debate. Opinions are divided on whether or not consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation, or those made by Nintendo have a place in the modern classroom. Both sides of the argument provide compelling arguments, and there are valid points… View Article
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[Feature] Super Rare Gems: ITTA (SRG #44)

Welcome to that special feature that we call “Super Rare Gems,” a small segment where we talk about the physical releases of games published by Super Rare Games. With a large library of titles under their belt and tons of limited releases that have sold out and Miketendo64 providing them with some extensive coverage on the site, we… View Article
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Press Release

Writing a Great Press Release in 8 Simple Steps

In today’s world of business, especially in the video game industry, competition is not getting any easier. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs are aggressive in putting themselves out there. They are aggressive in ensuring that their IP’s and brands are well recognized on various platforms and using various marketing channels. Most importantly, they strive… View Article
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How to Choose Internet Speed For Online Gaming

Every gamer knows that online games can drive your internet bandwidth to its limits. It can be very frustrating when your internet suddenly starts lagging when you are focused on a game. Speed is an important factor when it comes to online gaming. However, what’s even more important is your internet latency. We are here… View Article
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Nintendo Switch NAT Type

[Feature] Trouble With Nintendo Switch NAT Type And Online Matchmaking

Are you having trouble with your Nintendo Switch NAT Type? You aren’t the only one. In this article, I explain the issue I had and how I fixed my NAT Type D to NAT Type A. The Nintendo Switch is a great console and I love being able to use it anywhere. I am more… View Article
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[Feature] Welcoming Resplendent Eldigan & Tiki to Fire Emblem Heroes (January 2021)

As more and more Resplendent Heroes are revealed for hit mobile app, Fire Emblem Heroes, debuting heroes for January 2021, are none other than Eldigan: Lionheart and Tiki: Dragon Scion. Here’s what we know about them: Eldigan: Lionheart (Resplendent Hero)   Distribution Period: (As part of the Feh Pass) January 9, 2020 at 23:00 to… View Article
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[Feature] Levelling Up LEGO Super Mario with The New Wave 2 Sets

LEGO Super Mario has indeed levelled up with a new wave of LEGO Super Mario expansion sets. The new sets introduce new characters, tiles and activities for LEGO Super Mario to interact with. The Build your own Adventure set includes an array of pieces to create courses with as well as Iggy the Koopaling and… View Article
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What You Should Know About Aimbots Before Using Them in a Video Game

Whatever you consider aimbots, be it cheating, hacking, or something else, you must admit that using an aimbot in a First Person Shooter undoubtedly comes with a certain edge.  Now don’t get us wrong, we aren’t calling aimbots out here, in fact – we are going to try to explain how do they work and… View Article
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Next Level Games Acquisition

Nintendo Can Make Next Level Games Their Next Retro Studios!

Nintendo has a great lineup of first-party studios. From Monolith Soft to Retro Studios, Nintendo has some of the most talented developers in the industry. Now,  you can add Next Level Games to the list. Next Level Games is a talented, but small studio. They are comprised of 50 developers, but they make some of… View Article
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Five Great Party Games To Play On Nintendo Switch

Looking to have a fun video game night with your family and friends? The Nintendo Switch has plenty of party games that are ideal for a fun night in. We have put together a list a some of our favourite party games that have been great to bring us together and have a good time…. View Article
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[Feature] Indie World Presentation 12/15/20 Recap

Another Indie World has come and gone, bringing with it quite a lot of indie goodness this time around. While not exactly as amazing as the August Showcase, this one still had quite a fair amount of great announcements to unveil while continuing to display the wide and wonderful variety of forms that indie games… View Article
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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

[Feature] Will Animal Crossing Sell 50 Million?

No game in 2020 has been bigger than Animal Crossing New Horizons. ACNH has sold over 26 million copies since March 20th. That is amazing, especially considering AC is on one platform. Gamers and nongamers alike flocked to New Horizons like Wal-Mart shoppers to the last roll of toilet paper. With no signs of slowing… View Article
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Holiday Gift Guide

[Feature] Miketendo64 Holiday Gift Guide 2020

The Holiday season is upon us and after a very testing year for all of us, we could all do with some festive cheer right now. That said, the time of giving is here again. If you are looking for some cool Nintendo themed gifts for a loved one, then we hope you will certainly… View Article
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[Feature] Still Dreaming of a New Fire Emblem Anime (Book V is Out Now in Fire Emblem Heroes)

As the final page is turned over on one book, it is time to start another.
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Pokémon Trading Cards

Rare Pokémon Trading Cards That are Worth a Fortune

TCG collectors are going wild for Pokémon Trading cards lately and due to the high demand, their prices are increasing more and more every day. The first edition base set cards aren’t the only valuable ones; collectors have hundreds of different cards that they can invest in. If you want to learn more about these… View Article
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Kingdom of Neandria

[Feature] Check Out Kingdom of Neandria! Created Using RPG Maker MV

RPG Maker MV released on Nintendo Switch back in September this year. The game allows players to create their very own RPG’s by literally handing over the keys to the kingdom. There are thousands of assets at the player’s disposal and they can make their own game as small or as big as they like…. View Article
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[Interview] Creating a Game that’s Good Enough to Eat with High Tea Frog (Part 1: Cake Bash)

Whether you love cakes that pack a punch, lovable poochies that know two heads are better than one, or robots in disguise, do we have one hell of a week lined up for you. In the first of a three-part interview series, with the assistance of Coatsink Software, we’re catching up with High Tea Frog’s… View Article
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