Shigure: Uplifting Artist | Resplendent Hero

First Appearance: Fire Emblem Fates

Feh Pass Distribution Period: October 9, 2023 at 23:00 to October 24, 2023 at 22:59 (PT)

New Dialogue Line 1: “I long for the opportunity to paint one of Nifl’s beautiful vistas.”

New Dialogue Line 2: “I do wonder what my mother would think of these clothes.”

Sharena’s Fashion Check: Here’s Shigure in his new outfit from Nifl, the Kingdom of Ice! Did you notice that his belt has been decorated to look just like the one worn by Azura, his mother? I’ve always been a fan of the white-and-blue armor that Shigure typically wears, but these Nifl stylings look great on him too!

About Shigure: Shigure is the son of Azura, the princess who was raised in Hoshido. Although he was brought up in the Deeprealms, he still exudes a distinctive charm, with his handsome features peeking out from under his long hair. He also has a rare talent for singing—some people even say that he has the power to bewitch others with his voice alone!

In battle, Shigure fights as a gallant sky knight, soaring among the clouds. I hear he takes good care of his pegasus, too, and goes for “strolls in the sky” every day! As a sky knight and a singer, Shigure is an enchanting presence both on and off the battlefield. I can’t wait to see how he brings his own brand of elegance to Askr!

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By Jack Longman

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