Summer maybe a time for going to the beach, having barbecues or jetsetting around the world but it is also great for Gaming conventions too! This August on Wednesday the 16th, Timeless Gaming Con is taking place in Arcade Club Bury, in Manchester, England. The venue will be opening its doors from 11am and will close at 10pm late, meaning that eventgoers have eleven hours of video game fun with over 300 arcade cabinets, consoles, and tabletop machines.

That isn’t all, though, as there will also be insightful talks with members of the gaming industry who will be sharing their stories and anecdotes on games they have worked on. For the more competing gamers, there will also be eSports competitions so they can show their mettle. Also, there will be a number of merchandise stands with gaming themed T-shirts and memorabilia for anyone looking for some cool souvenirs to take back home for yourself or as a gift for a friend.

Timeless Gaming Con is being organised by Twitch Streamer Middle Aged Gamer Guy along with the help of AimeeEve and JLawrence. All three have plenty of experience in running events and the work that goes behind the scenes and event promoting. They are also very passionate about gaming and are dedicated to making Timeless Gaming Con an event that gamers do not want to miss.

For a better idea of what Timeless Gaming Con will have to offer attendees, we have their promotional video as well as part of their official announcement below.

Have you ever found yourself strolling through a gaming convention, mesmerized by the sight of others immersed in captivating games? The desire to join in the fun is undeniable, but alas, the endless queues and exorbitant prices at those massive exhibition centers can be a major buzzkill. Fear not, for Timeless Gaming Convention has arrived to revolutionise your gaming experience!

Prepare to be blown away as we transport you to Europe’s largest arcade paradise: Arcade Club Bury. This remarkable venue is the beating heart of Timeless Gaming Convention, where gaming dreams come true. Forget about long queues and empty pockets – at Timeless Gaming Convention, we prioritize one thing above all else: playing games!

With a plethora of retro and modern-day consoles, Timeless Gaming Convention offers an unrivaled selection of gaming machines that will make any gamer’s heart skip a beat. Dive into the nostalgic depths of retro gaming or experience the latest cutting-edge consoles and technologies – the choice is yours!

Standard tickets cost £25 per person but their are also child tickets and family tickets available as well. For full details on Timeless Gaming Con and ticket prices, visit

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