Evolution Stage: Stage 2

HP: 140

Type: Fighting


  • Rage Fist (70x)
  • Dynamite Punch (170)

Weakness: Psychic x2

Resistance: N/A

Illustrated by: Anesaki Dynamic

Card no: 109/198

Card Rarity: Rare

Expansion: Scarlet & Violet (English Base Set)

Pokédex no: 0979

Classification: Rage Monkey Pokémon

Height: 3’11”

Weight: 123.5 lbs.

Description: It imbues its fists with the power of the rage that it kept hidden in its heart. Opponents struck by these imbued fists will be shattered to their core.

By Jack Longman

In 2015, when rumours of the NX and Zelda U were everywhere, my brother and I started Miketendo64 and we've been running it ever since. As the Editor-in-Chief, I have attended video gaming events in three different countries, been to preview events, and penned more than 4,000 articles to date, ranging from news, to features, reviews, interviews and guides. I love gaming and I love all things Nintendo. I also love Networking, so don't be afaid to reach out. Email: / Website: YouTube channel:

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