Developed by PlatinumGames, Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon released worldwide on the Nintendo Switch on March 17, 2023. Unlike other Bayonetta games, Cereza and the Lost Demon is a spin-off title that thrusts a much younger version of Bayonetta into the spotlight, before she grows up into the kick arse, sassy Umbra witch we all know her to be.

With numerous characters, some who are well-known and others who are new additions to the world of Bayonetta, we felt it was high-time to showcase a few of them and now is the turn of the first Wisp you can expect to meet:

Colm: (A Wisp Boy)

Seeing him distraught, Cereza stops to talk to him, and learns many of his friends have been wisp-napped by the faeries. Colm’s worries for his friends supersede any inhibition he may have had towards a stranger like Cereza and pleads to her to help.
As wisps are often said to be the wandering souls of those who have died in the forest, Colm’s kindness is most likely something inherited from his former life. Most of the wisps see Colm as an unofficial leader they trust to organise their hidden community. He lives with the other wisps in a hideaway he has helped make with trash collected from the faeries’ trash heap.
Most of his days he makes brave excursions to collect materials to help expand the hideaway, carefully avoiding faeries in the process. He serves as chief editor for the “Wisp Weekly”, a newsletter he puts together consisting of snippets of useful information and other writings collected from wisps across the forest. His aim for the Weekly is to hopefully help wisps in places he might not even know about.
Though its contents are relatively simple, reading each new issue has become a highly valued tradition for wisps who have little escape from the countless dangers in their life in Avalon.

By Jack Longman

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