Wave 4 is almost here.

When Fire Emblem Engage was first released back in January, as did Wave 1 of the Fire Emblem Engage expansion pass. Said to be comprised of four waves, Wave 2 swiftly saw a release in February and Wave 3 dropped earlier this month, (March).  For those who were hoping the pattern would continue and have Wave 4 drop sometime in April, your wishes have been heard for Wave 4, which containers the Fell Xenologue, goes live on April 4, 2023 for those in North America and April 5, 2023 for those in Europe.

As nice as it is to see the content be produced and supplied as quickly as it has been, it has been rather surreal getting the content as quickly as we have, as now the end is in sight and our time with Fire Emblem Engage is coming to an end a lot sooner in the year than expected. Anyhow, here is the latest trailer for the upcoming DLC and all available information on what players can expect:

About the Fire Emblem Engage Wave 4 DLC:

  • Fell Xenologue: After completing Chapter 6 and unlocking the ability to transform items using the Ancient Well in the Somniel, visit it to trigger a conversation between Alear and Vander. From this point, the additional Fell Xenologue story – featuring new battles and characters to discover – will be accessible!
  • New Allies: Complete the Fell Xenologue storyline to add characters met during it as allies for the main game. Use their power to help Alear claim the 12 Emblem Rings!
  • Item Rewards: Complete the Fell Xenologue storyline to receive the following items as a reward: Mystic Satchel, Mage Cannon, HP Tonic, Strength Tonic, Dexterity Tonic, Speed Tonic, Standard Blast, Magic Blast, Venon Blast, Novice Book, Adapt Book, Expert Book, Master Seal and Second Seal.
  • New Unit Classes: Complete the Fell Xenologue storyline to access the Enchanter and Mage Cannoneer classes for your allies. Use the Mystic Satchel and Mage Cannon items earned as a completion reward to change a unit’s class, or buy the items from the Item Shop.

Source: Nintendo PR

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