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Games have immense educational potential. With the right content, they offer a fun and engaging way to learn. Students get a chance to interact with a subject matter, see its practical applications, and get immediate feedback. All these benefits drive motivation to learn and boost information retention. In this article, you’ll find the five best educational games for Nintendo Switch that entertain you and encourage you to study at the same time.

1. Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue

Are you interested in exploring deep-sea life? Beyond Blue is a useful educational game for middle and high school students. It immerses you in ocean life with the help of its beautiful realistic graphics. Visualization gives you a better understanding of wildlife. Besides, Beyond Blue allows you to interact with sea creatures and thus learn in a more practical and meaningful way.

As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock 16 short documentaries on ocean life that show interviews with researchers and original footage. Beyond Blue was created in collaboration with the developers of the BBC famous Blue Planet II, leading ocean experts, and OceanX Media to produce a well-researched educational game.

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2. Never Alone: Arctic Collection

Never Alone: Arctic Collection

An award-winning game, Never Alone: Arctic Collection, invites players to dive into the beautiful world of Alaskan indigenous folklore. Through puzzle-platformer gameplay, students get collectibles that provide cultural insights about The Iñupiat, a group of Alaska Natives.

Play for Nuna and her companion Arctic Fox in a single-layer mode or together with classmates to restore natural balance and save the girl’s village. As you overcome challenges, you explore stunning depictions of ice caps, tundra, and underwater life.

Never Alone is the result of collaboration among brilliant game developers and researchers. The fascinating part is the contribution of the people of the Alaska Native community.

3. Koral


A tribute to ocean life. This is how people often call Koral in their reviews. The game was actually developed in a sailship! Just like Beyond Blue, it allows you to explore underwater ecosystems. It will be interesting for students of all ages as you solve puzzles while learning more about sea species. There are 15 diverse ecosystems and plenty of fascinating facts that explain their peculiarities.

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4. Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training

Dr Kawashima's Brain Training

Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training for Nintendo Switch combines classic and new puzzles that boost players’ concentration, information processing, and memory. The game has 24 unique activities, which are empowered by the functionality of Nintendo Switch, like IR sensors and gyroscope.

The game is created with Ryuta Kawashima’s neuroscience research in mind, which allows optimizing activities to get the most out of the gameplay for brain training. You can play alone or challenge your friends and family and play in multiplayer mode. Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training has Quick Play and Daily Training options. The former unlocks one game every day, while the latter gives a player full access to all puzzles.

The game also has an interesting feature called Brain Age. It allows you to calculate the age of your brain based on your performance.

5. Monopoly for Nintendo Switch


Monopoly is an iconic board game with numerous digital versions, including one for Nintendo Switch. It is usually viewed as a game for a general audience, but Monopoly has hidden educational potential for students.

Young students benefit from playing Monopoly because they learn the basics of budgeting and money management. It also helps them develop essential math skills, like computational skills, percentages, and fractions.

High school and college students can improve their cognitive skills like decision-making and problem-solving when playing Monopoly. The game is also effective for exercising executive function skills, which helps to set and follow goals, observe directions, and control emotions, among many other benefits. And let’s not forget that Monopoly is great for spending time with friends, communicating, and bonding.

Final Thoughts

Interactive, fun, and engaging, games have a hidden learning potential! They make students absorb knowledge without boring readings or papers. Instead, they create a dynamic environment where students meaningfully engage with the learning content and promote active participation. We highly encourage you to check out the games on our list and experience the benefits of educational games first-hand.


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