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Looking for extra help in The House of the Dead or wanting to know what all the achievements are? Our The House of the Dead Cheats and Achievements guide is here to help point you in the right direction.

All of these cheat codes and the achievements were shared by [FE]BluNectarine over on the Forever Entertainment Discord server. All credit goes to her for her contributions.


The House of the Dead Cheats

While unlocking achievements there is a chance a random cheat code will appear on the loading screen. Go to the main menu and try it! (you can still acquire achievements with cheats activated).

Number of achievements you need to unlock for a cheat code to work:

8 – Infinite Ammo (no more reloading): LB RB LB RB A A
16 – One Shot Mode: ← ↑ → ↓ A A
24 – Unlock All Weapons: A A B B LB RB
32 – Unlimited Continues: ↑ ↑ ↑ RB
40 – God Mode: ← → ← → A A

The House of the Dead Achievements

Saviour – Save all Scientists through the campaign.
You can restart the chapter with saved progress: just quit to the main menu and hit “continue”!

Traveler – Discover all paths available in the game.
Experiment and explore the mansion! Tip: when you don’t kill certain monsters or save/don’t save certain scientists new paths may unlock.

Collector – Collect all items in a single campaign.
Try shooting the environment objects

Catch’em All! – Collect all creature entries.
Some creatures are available only through certain paths

Triple-Kill! – Kill 3 enemies in a row.
Available in modern scoring mode

Penta-Kill! – Kill 5 enemies in a row.
Available in modern scoring mode

Not this time! – Finish a single chapter without taking any damage.
Additional weapons and cheat codes might help you with this one

Invincible! – Finish the whole campaign without taking any damage.
Additional weapons and cheat codes might help you with this one.

Reinforcements! – Let Player 2 join the game while in the middle of a campaign.
– DISABLE the option “single joy-con mode” and start the multiplayer mode (either competitive or cooperative). Pair only ONE PAIR of joy-cons for player one (and none for player 2) and start the game. During the gameplay, press + to enter options, choose “single joy-cone mode” and pair one joy-con each for players 1 and 2 – done, you can now play together!

Who let the dogs out? – Knockback the Kenfis.
At the beginning of Chapter One, when two Kenfises jump over the wall, time your shots to make one of them fall over to the other side.

Ringo – Knock up an enemy as high as possible.
If you have trouble unlocking this achievement, try Chapter 2 when enemies jump on you from the roof (assault rifle recommended!)

No ammo wasted – Finish level without reloading with bullets in the chamber.
Cheat “infinite ammo” recommended! When you unlock achievements (8, 16, 24, 32, 40), cheat codes may appear randomly on your loading screen – try them out in the main menu!

Unwinged – Shoot all Hangedman’s Devilions.
During the fight with Hangedman shoot his bat-helpers before they escape off-screen.

The House Of The Dead – Unlock all achievements of The House Of The Dead

Agent – Beat campaign at any difficulty.

Blood Bath – Beat campaing at ARCADE difficulty.

Chariot – Beat Chariot at the end of first chapter.

Hangedman – Beat Hangedman at the end of second chapter.

Hermit – Beat Hermit at the end of third chapter.

Magician –  Beat Magician at the end of fourth chapter.

Ender – Discover all three endings.

Normal ending – Finish the game with the final score below 62,000 and the last score digit not equal to zero.

True ending – Complete the game with a total score of over 62,000.

Third ending – Finish the game with the final score below 62,000 and the last score digit equal to zero.

Hero – Save a Scientist.

Murderer – Kill a Scientist.

Psychopath – Kill all Scientists at any chapter.

Headhunter – Fire off 666 heads!

Sadist – Devastate opponent’s body as much as possible!

Butcher – Kill 666 enemies.

Swifty – Shoot down enemy projectiles 50 times.

Agent G – Finish full campaign with your friend!

Partner – Finish any chapter with the help of Player 2.


The House of the Dead Hidden Achievements

Secret Room – Enter secret room on Chapter 4.
Save all scientists to unlock the secret room.

Try this! – Collect your first additional weapon.
After saving all scientists and unlocking the armory, you can find hidden chests; shoot them open to collect additional weapons.

Full Armory – Collect all additional weapons available in the game.
There are four additional weapons in total

Grenadier – Kill 5 enemies at the same time.
As the name suggests, it is easiest to do with the grenade launcher, unlocked in the armory.

Dance Macabre – Nail down opponent’s head with Pitter.
Equip the Pitter and aim for headshots!

Really? – Lose all credits and die.
Do not continue or use all your points on continues.

Glass cleaner – Don’t destroy any glass panels on chapter 2.

Deratization – Kill all rats in game. (credit goes to @AnimatedAndrew)
There are 3 rats in chapter 1 – two in the Entrance Hall corridor at 3:15 behind the door that Cyril breaks down (if you look closely at the path ahead of the floor collapsing, you can see them crawling), and the third one is on the middle support beam at 4:55.


We hope you find this guide helpful. We hope to do another guide soon as to where to find the additional weapons in the game that really changes things up when fighting the undead hordes. 


Until next time, keep on gaming!

By Mike Scorpio

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15 thoughts on “[Guide] The House of the Dead Cheats and Achievements”
  1. question
    No ammo wasted – Finish level without reloading with bullets in the chamber.
    do it only one chapter or whole campaign?

  2. Regarding the Collector Achievement: the final item box in Chapter 3 is a tricky one. You need to be extremely fast. First destroy the box, then shoot the item to pick it up and then immediately kill the zombie/save the scientist. I did it with the assault rifle and the one hit kill cheat activated. Still, took me about 10 tries. This one is definitely easier in co-op mode, but also doable in single player mode.

    I can also confirm: you absolutely(!) need to save all scientists to be able to enter the secret room in Chapter 4 and collect all the items inside. The achievement will pop once you beat the final boss/finished the entire campaign.

    Finally got all 41 achievements.

    1. I got that achievement without entering the secret room. That scientist on chapter 3 is a pain but I just blasted the whole area with grenades to get the pick-up and still got the badge at the end of the game.

  3. How does one get the Collector achievement? In chapter 3 I can’t break the last box to collect the item, because there is simply no time once I’ve saved the scientist. My character immediately walks through the door. If I collect the item first, the scientist dies and I can’t enter the secret room in Chapter 4 to collect all the stuff inside. This is infuriating.

    1. The only thing I can suggest is getting in another player to help. I’m sorry that I can’t be any more helpful on that

  4. Is there an official guide or videos of the Collector achievement? I think I did collect everything in one run, but I might be missing something, which I am not aware of?

  5. There is possibly a glitch or a bug that is stopping you from getting these achievements. I will pass this information onto one of the moderators of the official FE Discord server and see if there is a patch on the way or something.

    1. The Ringo achievement has been confirmed that it is very difficult to get. Using the Assault Rifle is your best bet to get the achievement.

    1. This is one of the official tips from Forever Entertainment. It is not an easy one to pull off as you really have to blast them into the air.

      1. Tried it 100+ times with each weapon. Achievement won’t pop sadly. Same with collect all items in a single run. Does it include raiding the secret room again?

        1. you dont need the secret room, i have a question if anyone can answer. does getting hit y the second boss where you fall down the roof count as been hit ?

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