While more and more indie games are appearing on Kickstarter, every now and again, you find one among the masses that really catches your eye. One such game is the 2D Hack and Slash game Wekufu. The game is being developed by Chilean-based solo dev Esteban Campos Millapel, of Stickerb Games and the music being composed by Santiago Jara Astaburuaga.

Wekufu follows the young warrior, Sakinko, who is armed with a bow and bamboo spear to fight her enemies. Thirsty for revenge for the death of her father and an obligation to protect her people, Sakinko sets forth on a quest to fight back against the evil spirits known as Wekufu that are wreaking havoc throughout her land.

The game’s kickstarter campaign is running until February 12th and has a set goal of €8,993. It is planned to have a Steam/ PC release sometime mid/late 2023 but there is a stretch goal for Wekufu to release on Nintendo Switch as well. We really do hope that the game can reach its goal and its kickstarter because it does look really good and we love it’s Hand Drawn art style.

If you would like to know more about Wekufu yourself, you can find additional information about the game below. You can also learn more and even back the project on the associated Kickstarter page.


Wekufu – A dark, Hand drawn 2D Hack and Slash Platformer

Play as Sakinko, a strong warrior hungry for vengeance. Explore detailed levels and fight strong enemies. Find out who you are.

A game about vengeance, outcasted for being unique, over something that can’t be changed. Something you want to embrace and protect: your identity.

Play as Sakinko, a young warrior set on a quest to avenge her father’s death and protect her people from the evil spirits that now menace her land, these evil spirits take the name of Wekufu.

Explore a hand drawn fantasy world, fight fierce enemies, obtain new skills from bosses, find skill upgrades and relics and get stronger. Face evil and become the fiercest warrior this land has ever seen, a Kallfümalen, and bring balance to Mülewe mapu.

Sakinko means stillcalm water. As someone once told me, when your name suggests you should be calm, your personality is usually the furthest thing from calm. That’s Sakinko.




  • Developed by only one individual that hasn’t seen the light of day in quite a while.

  • Frame by frame 2D animation, no exception, hundreds of frames and, of course, wrist pain.

  • Beautiful hand painted environments.

  • Challenging combat focused gameplay.

  • Three different skills to enhance your fighting skills and combos.

  • Get stronger by fighting bosses, finding secrets and receiving blessings.

  • Build your character with focuses on Health, Newen, Critical Chance or mix them to find your perfect build.

  • Pseudo Metroidvania experience, explore zones limited by your current skills but also experience “arena” fights and platforming sections full of traps.

  • Learn about the Mapuche and help us spread the word on this fierce culture that has been protecting nature for centuries.

  • Music composed by Santiago Jara, using actual Mapuche Instruments and inspiration.

  • Feel nature and explore it, no pressures.


Source: Wekufu (Kickstarter)

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