Super Rare Games has announced that memberships for the Super Rare Club for 2022 are now open. There are 1,250 openings available and the membership will run from February 1st, 2022 until January 31st, 2023. Each membership will cost £29.00 plus tax and will offer a wide range of perks. “What perks exactly?” You may ask. Well, you can find the full list in the official announcement below.

Super Rare Club 2022 sign-ups available now! ✨♣

Happy New Year! We are very happy to announce that the Super Rare Club membership for 2022 is available… right now! We’d love to have you in the Club this year – spaces are extremely limited, so check out the details below!

🌟 For the fans – Made especially for our most passionate fans & collectors – originally created by the demand of our fans to alleviate some hassle + get exclusive goodies, info, and direct contact where you’re listened to every day

 Limited to 1,250 members – Restricted to just 1,250 registrations to make sure our releases remain available for everyone. Please note, last year’s 1,000 members already received early access to registrations so remaining slots may be extremely limited

⭐ Sign up, sign up – The public registration period is open during January only and covers you as a member from February 1st, 2022 – January 31st, 2023. Membership priced at £29 + tax as a one-off payment covering you for the entire year

💫 Benefits! – Here’s the bit you really want to know!

🎁 Early Access: This is the main attraction! Club members get 48hr early access to orders for all of our classic numbered physical Switch line-up of games – meaning you never have to worry about missing out again
🎁 Priority shipping: Club orders are treated as VIP orders and receive priority shipping over general sale orders, meaning your games will ship before anyone else’s
🎁 Secret mailing list: Automatically signed up to our exclusive Club 2022 newsletter, with behind-the-scenes info, teasers, and exclusive competitions for signed games and rare plaques
🎁 Autographed games: Lucky Club members may sometimes find a developer signed copy of a past release randomly included in your shipments
🎁 Private Discord: Access to our private members-only, easy-to-use Discord server; we’re active every day, making it the closest way to connect with us. We share behind-the-scenes looks, early info, and make decisions based on feedback here on a daily basis
🎁 Premium packaging: Premium packaging automatically applied to all Club orders – this usually costs £2 per order alone, making it more than worth the cost alone if you pick up every release
🎁 Exclusive keyring: A welcome card and one-of-a-kind limited Super Rare logo keychain will be included in your first Club order

*Priority shipping
We ship all Club orders before general public orders, but given the nature of international shipping, we can’t guarantee that you’ll always receive your games before everyone else

*Premium packaging
Please remember if you become a member that you do not need to purchase the premium packaging on top of your orders! It’ll be automatically applied and we may mi

Some T&Cs and legal-y bits

  • Signups will run from January 10th – 31st, or until 1,250 slots are filled, whichever comes first. Club signups will not be available again until the following year
  • Signups are considered final and cannot be refunded
  • Early access orders are provided via unique store links sent to members via email and we retain the right to cancel your membership if you share these links publicly
  • Members of our Club-only Discord server must still follow the rules available on the #rules channel and we reserve the right to remove members – this will not effect your other Club benefits
  • Due to logistical difficulty with Club exclusive slipcovers last year causing general delays, please note we have no plans for Club-only slipcovers in 2022
  • Club members will need to use the same account they sign up with to make their purchases throughout the year to avoid it being flagged as a non-Club account
  • We are unable to automatically process order for Club members due to logistical reasons, so orders must still be manually placed
  • Signed games are ocassionally included in random Club orders; these giveaways will be mentioned in Club emails and will not require any barrier of entry. We try our best to get a copy of each release signed by the team for this but we can’t guarantee how many giveaways will occur in a year
  • Early ordering access covers our numbered classic physical Switch line-up during the membership period (estimated to cover products titled SRG#64 – SRG#82) and may not necessarily cover other items (merchandise, Mixtapes, etc)

Q: Will I miss out on any exclusive games if I don’t sign up?
Absolutely, categorically no. Club membership is limited to 1,250 members to ensure that none of our games are ever paywalled. Releases will always be available to everyone – the Club membership is an optional purchase that helps remove hassle and provides a few extra rewards, primarily for full collectors.

Whether you found us recently or have been with us since the beginning, thank you so much for being on this journey with us so far! We’re proud of the games we released last year, but with experience, staff expansion, and better relationships, we really do have some absolute killer games lined up for 2022.

Whether you’re joining the Club or not, we look forward to seeing you in 2022! 🎉

Source: Super Rare Games PR

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