Sonic Layered Armor

The Sonic The Hedgehog Capcom Collab is now live for Monster Hunter Rise. This collab is quite a biggie because it has Sonic Layered Armor for the Hunter, Palico, AND Palamute (well, Tails Layered Armor for the Palamute).

As with the other previous Capcom Collab Event Quests, you will need to talk to Senri the Mailman and download the Event Quests Gotta Hoard Fast!, and Super Shady Look-alike. You can then accept the Event quests from Minoto the Quest Maiden. Gotta Hoard Fast! is a 2* Low Rank Event Quest and requires you to collect 200 gold rings around the Shrine Ruins.  The Super Shady Look-alike Event Quest is a 7* High Rank Event Quest. This quest requires you to hunt a Nargacuga in the Flooded Forest.

Gotta Hoard Fast! Event Quest

For the Gotta Hoard Fast! Event Quest, you won’t need any Bunny Dango or other items unless you want to buff your stamina and Speed. This is a simple quest that will have you run as fast as you can around the Shrine Ruins collecting gold rings. You are tasked with collecting 200 of them which is a very simple feat in itself. The kicker is that if you do it within an allotted time, you will earn greater rewards. For just completing the Event Quest, you will earn Buddy Ring(s) that you can use to forge the Sonic Layered Armor for the Palico, and Canyne Tails Armor for the Palamute. You will also need Fur Scrap and zenny as well.

Palico Sonic Costume – 4x Buddy Rings, 2x Fur Scrap, and 1080z (buys both pieces of armor together)
Palamute Canyne Tails Armor – 2x Buddy Rings, 1x Fur Scrap, and 540z (per layered armor piece)

As for the Special Rewards, you can earn a Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles figurine depending on what ranking you receive. If you collect 200 gold rings in under 3 minutes, you will receive an S-rank and claim all three figurines that you can then display in your house.

Pro tip! Make this a join request hunt so that other hunters can join you and help collect the gold rings quicker.


Super Shady Look-alike Event Quest

For the Hunter’s Sonic Layered Armor, you must embark on the Super Shady Look-alike Event Quest. This 7* High Rank Event Quest can knock you on your backside unless you are prepared so make sure you have plenty of health items and buff potions to keep you in the game.

Taking down the Nargacuga is not too tough providing you know what you are doing, you can make it easier on yourself by making the quest a Join Request. The more hunters there are, the quicker you can take down the overgrown squirrel and claim some Hunter Rings for your trouble. The Hunter’s Sonic Layered Armor is broken into five parts and you will need a Hunter Ring for each part (a total of five Hunter Rings). You will also need Nargacuga+ Monster parts that will total up to 8pts and 1400z to forge each piece.


We hope you find this guide useful in unlocking the Sonic Layered Armor in Monster Hunter Rise. If you require a visual aid, we have recorded gameplay of the Event Quest in action as well as taking a quick trip to see the forgers so you can see the materials required to forge each piece of layered armor. You can check out our gameplay video below.


Sonic Layered Armor Event Quests | Monster Hunter Rise

If you would like to know how to get the other Capcom Collab Event Quests, we have guides for TsukinoAmaterasu, and Akuma available on our website as well.


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