Akuma Layered Armor

The Capcom Collab 3 is now live for Monster Hunter Rise and this time around, it is Layered Armor for your hunter. However, this is not just any Hunter Layered Armor, oh no. This is the mighty and furious Akuma from the Street Fighter series.

In order to get your hands on the Akuma Layered Armor, you will need to talk to Senri the Mailman and download the Event Quest SF: Ultimate Promotion Exam. You can then accept the Event quest from Minoto the Quest Maiden. It is a 7* High Rank Event Quest and it requires you to hunt a Rajang in the Shrine Ruins.

Be sure to prepare yourself for the quest as the Rajang is exceptionally tough. Be sure to have your best armor loadout, have Mega Armorskin and Mega Demondrug in your inventory, and use the optimal boosters from Bunny Dango. Rajang is an absolute beast and if you are not fully prepared, it can wipe you out with a single swipe. Also, don’t be afraid to make this a Join Request or join someone else’s join request session. More capable hands will increase your chances of slaying the beast and make it far easier to do than when on your own.

As you beat the SF: Ultimate Promotion Exam Event Quest, you will earn Satsui no Hado tickets that are required to forge the Akuma Layered Armor. You only need four of these to forge the armor but you may only receive two or three in a single session, so you may need to repeat the event quest a couple of times. After that, visit the forger either in the guild or out in the village and then select Forge/Upgrade Armor. From here you can select Forge Layered Armor and then press the R button to change the selection to Special. You will find the Akuma Layered Armor here.

Of course, it would be too simple if only the tickets were needed but you also need Rajang parts and 7000z in your pockets before you can forge the Layered Armor. On a positive note, you can forge the Layered Armor set in one go so it’s not like you need four Hatsui No Hado tickets, 7000z, and Rajang parts to forge every single piece.

And that is it. If you follow this guide to the letter, you will get your hands on the Akuma Layered Armor in no time. As an added bonus for wearing the Armor, if you have a sword and shield equipped, they will be invisible so as you attack enemies, it will look like you are punching them instead. You can also fire off Hadoukens by throwing Kunai daggers.

We hope you find this guide useful in unlocking the Akuma Layered Armor in Monster Hunter Rise. If you require a visual aid, we have recorded gameplay of the Event Quest in action as well as forging the layered armor and wearing it. You can see the video for yourself below.


Akuma Layered Armor – Capcom Collab 3 | Monster Hunter Rise

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