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*Last Updated: August 7, 2022 – Theme Park Decor Pikmin added.


Got to dress to impress.

Now that the blooming marvellous IP that is Pikmin is no longer exclusively tied to Nintendo platforms only, what with the release of Pikmin Bloom for Android and iOS, there is no better time to discover the intelligent species known as Pikmin.

What’s more, as a species that comes in many different shapes and sizes, Pikmin Bloom also adds Decor Pikmin, of which there are many kinds and types and in this guide, we’ll be doing our best to detail how to get them all and provide all necessary information required. Let’s begin:

What are Pikmin?:

Pikmin are a species described as being half-plant and half-animal, of great intelligence. They are often around 1 inch tall, come in a variety of colours and have three known stages of growth, Leaf, Bud and Flower. In the main series of games, these stages can increase the strength and speed of your Pikmin, but in Pikmin Bloom, although these stages are represented, they can be experienced when feeding Nectar to your companions, changing them from Pikmin with leaves to Pikmin with flowers that you can harvest and then plant whilst off on a walk.

What are the Different Types of Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom?:

All known species consist of:

Introduced in Pikmin aka Pikmin 1:

  • Red Pikmin
  • Yellow Pikmin
  • Blue Pikmin
  • Mushroom Pikmin

Introduced in Pikmin 2:

  • Purple Pikmin
  • White Pikmin

Introduced in Pikmin 3:

  • Rock Pikmin
  • Winged Pikmin

Introduced in Pikmin Bloom:

  • Decor Pikmin (Pikmin Colour is irrelevant)

What Are Decor Pikmin?:

Decor Pikmin are a special kind of Pikmin that can be obtained via Special means, such as a Nintendo Pikmin (a Blue Pikmin wearing a Mario Hat) or by earning them.

How to Obtain Decor Pikmin:

In order to obtain Decor Pikmin, first you must have regular Pikmin that you have already planted and sprouted. Pikmin in your squad, you can then interact with by feeding them Nectar and sending them off on Expeditions. Doing this will increase their Friendship Level and when you reach the maximum of 4 full Hearts, your besotted Pikmin can be sent off on an Expedition to collect a special gift for you which when collected, can turn them into a Decor Pikmin.

Another way of obtaining Decor Pikmin, however, can be prompted as part of expeditions. Instead of sending the typical seedlings, players can be given the means to send their Pikmin to collect Huge Seedlings, which when fully grown, a Decor Pikmin can be plucked from it straight away. Players will need to reach Level 5 to unlock expeditions and Level 10 to unlock Huge Seedlings.

How many Types of Decor Pikmin are there:

Currently, as of February 10, 2021, there are 22 different types, consisting of a total of 165 different Decor Pikmin:

  • Restaurant (x7) – Chef hat
  • Café (x7) – Coffee cup
  • Sweetshop (x7) – ???
  • Movie Theater (x7) – Popcorn snack
  • Pharmacy (x7) – Toothbrush
  • Zoo (x7) – ???
  • Forest (x14) – Stag beetle x7 & Acorn x7
  • Waterside (x7) – Fishing Lure
  • Post Office (x7) – Stamp
  • Art Gallery (x7) – ???
  • Airport (x7) – Toy Airplane
  • Station (x14) – Paper train x7 & Ticket x7
  • Beach (x7) – ???
  • Burger Place (x7) – ???
  • Corner Store / Mini-mart (x14) – Bottle cap & ??? x7
  • Supermarket (x14) – Mushroom x7 & ??? x7
  • Bakery (x7) – Baguette
  • Hair Salon (x7) – Scissors
  • Clothes Store / Clothing Store (x7) – Hair Tie
  • Park (x14) – Clover x7 & Four-Leaf Clover x7
  • Library / Bookstore (x7) – ???
  • Special (x4) – Mario Hat x1, Lunar New Year Ornament x3 & Chess Piece x4
  • Roadside (x7) – Sticker
  • Sushi Restaurant (x3) – ???
  • Mountain (x3) – ???
  • Weather (x3) – ???
  • Theme Park (x3) – ???

How to Obtain the Nintendo Pikmin:

With Pikmin Bloom, sign into your My Nintendo account, syncing the two together and you will earn a Huge Seedling. Once planted, walk 10,000 steps and the Huge Seedling can be sprouted, gifting you with the Nintendo Pikmin.

Decor Pikmin related Badges:

  • Apprentice Decor Collector (Find 1 type of Decor Pikmin)
  • Novice Decor Collector (Find 7 types of Decor Pikmin)
  • Enthusiast Decor Collector (Find 30 types of Decor Pikmin)
  • ??? Decor Collector (Find 100 types of Decor Pikmin)

As always, we hope you found this guide helpful.

[Guide] Pikmin Bloom: Rewards & Level Up Requirements

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