Mario Party: Superstars Tropical Island

Nintendo UK has taken to Twitter to share screenshots of five boards that will be appearing in Mario Party: Superstars These boards hail from the Nintendo 64 era of Mario Party Games and have been given a modern makeover for the Nintendo Switch Game. Each board has its own types of events from NPC’s swapping places, disorientating paths, or NPC’s stealing your coins or stars!

Below we have the initial tweet from Nintendo UK followed by the images and short bios that were included in the consequent tweets.

Super Mario: Superstars – Yoshi’s Tropical Island

On Yoshi’s Tropical Island, Toadette’s got the star, but she might swap places with Bowser!

Mario Party: Superstars Tropical Island


Mario Party: Superstars – Peach’s Birthday Cake

On Peach’s Birthday Cake, plant some Piranha Plants to gobble up your opponents’ coins!

Mario Party: Superstars Peach's Birthday Cake


Mario Party: Superstars – Space Land

On Space Land, beware of the Bowser Coin Beam. Avoid it or say goodbye to all your coins!

Mario Party: Superstars - Space Land


Mario Party: Superstars – Woody Woods

On Woody Woods, the direction keeps changing! Can you find the right path forward?

Mario Party: Superstars - Woody Woods


Mario Party: Superstars – Horror Land

On Horror Land, King Boo appears at night. Better hope he steals your opponents’ stars and not yours!

Mario Party: Superstars - Horror Land


Are you looking forward to Mario Party: Superstars when it releases on October 29th? Which of the Nintendo 64 party boards are you looking forward to most? Feel free to let us know in the comments.

Source: Nintendo UK (Twitter)

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