WarioWare: Get It Together

Wario is back with his latest lucrative adventure WarioWare: Get It Together. While the full game itself doesn’t come out until next month, a demo for the game is now available to download from the Nintendo Switch eShop. The demo offers up to six characters to play as including Wario and there are around 15 different microgames to whet your beak on. Up to two players can play together on either a single console or by using Local Wireless.

The full game of WarioWare: Get It Together will feature many more characters, 200 microgames to play, and different game modes to keep things interesting. If you were sitting on the fence about picking up the game, then this demo is a great way to see if you will enjoy it or not.

We have recorded gameplay footage of the WarioWare: Get It Together demo, which you can check out below.

WarioWare: Get It Together – Demo Gameplay

By Mike Scorpio

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