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Being the lifelong Wario fan that I am, I am absolutely overjoyed with the news of a new WarioWare game and as today’s direct has revealed, a new game is exactly what we’re getting. Here is everything we currently know about WarioWare: Get It Together!:


WarioWare: Get It Together!


Release Date: September 10, 2021 (Worldwide)

Players: up to 4 players

Genre: Action, Party

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Intelligent Systems


Game File Size: 1.4 GB


Take on over 200 quick and quirky microgames—lightning-fast minigames filled with frantic fun—solo or with a friend! When his latest harebrained business scheme goes awry, Wario must use his signature style (and smell) to fix it. How? By playing a twisted collection microgames of course! From assembling a robot to pulling out a statue’s armpit hair, the WarioWare™: Get It Together! game is a comedic, cooperative microgame mashup.

Find a friendly frenzy with a mountain of microgames – Help out infamous game designer, Wario, after he gets sucked into his latest creation in Story Mode. Go it alone or with a friend in 2-player cooperative play—a first for the series! You can either play on the same system** or via local wireless***.

Play as Wario and his colorful crew – For the first time, YOU control Wario and friends inside their own chaotic games. Use their distinctly absurd abilities to take on a rush of microgames. Tip a turtle with the help of Wario’s dash or choose Ashley and hurl a spell at it. In WarioWare: Get It Together!, mix and match characters and microgames for maximum fun!

WarioWare: Get It Together! Box Art:

WarioWare: Get It Together! Gallery:

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