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The No More Heroes Collector’s Editions from Limited Run Games are now out in the wild and our very own copy has finally landed on our doorstep. Of course, we couldn’t just get our hands on the Collector’s Editions for No More Heroes and No More Heroes 2 and not do an unboxing video. So, low and behold! An extensive unboxing video that showcases the contents of both No More Heroes’ Collector’s Editions.

No More Heroes Collector’s Editions Unboxing – Limited Run Games

Both editions come with the game No More Heroes or No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle and their respective goodies. These include an art book, poster, 3-disc OST, and the games themselves even have their own instruction booklets! What I love the most is that the boxes themselves also have magnets in them to attach the two together and display the full Santa Destroy flag artwork (See video thumbnail to see what we mean).


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